just a bunch of shit short stories about school


4. 4

I pace the cold crowded hallway of my high school. 

I look around to see the majority of people sitting down on the floor with almost expressionless faces, but there are a few just hiding from the door that decides our future as if they can hide from their test results. 

the large wooden door opens up with a creak and an automated voice calls out a name; 

'Anthony Woodstock'

I stop pacing and sit down to show my respect for whomever just got called.

a large boy who used to play on the football team stands up slowly and all of the students turn to face him. his girlfriend starts to cry and beg him not to go through the door but he just pulls her off and marches silently towards the door with the student's eyes following his every move.

 he opens up the door and walks into the dimly lit room and sits down on the chair. The door shuts with a click.

the students don't move an inch. Waiting for what was to come.

suddenly the screams start. The screams are those of someone who is dying.

 even though the door is supposed to be soundproof everyone is still able to hear the cries for help coming from the room.

his girlfriend starts sobbing uncontrollably, no one dared move

after his screams become more regular I stand up and start pacing again.

no one notices. 

eventually, the cries of help stop and I sit down waiting for the next person to be called into the office.

 Then the large wooden door opens once again.

Connor Hallstone 


I stand up and start to walk to the door.

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