just a bunch of shit short stories about school


3. 3

The metal gun is cold in my hand, I handle it with care. This is the only thing that has stayed by my side through the entire time. Everyone else is gone. 

Thomas got caught early 

Angelica just got up and walked out of the classroom as if she had to go to the principal's office

Timothy killed himself

Alex got into an argument with Hanna and now they are both dead

jayden got pissed and left

I look around to see all of my old classmates coming towards me at an alarmingly fast rate.

I knew it was only a matter of time before they got through the makeshift barriers that blocked the stairwells off and kept them out and kept me safe.

I remember the day when it happened, I remember all of the screams, all of the blood, all of them attacking. Of course, it's almost impossible to forget with the bloodied shards of glass that litter the once clean hallway.

I look at the clock watching the hands tick as they come towards me reaching with their bloodied hands towards me, the same old school desks that we used to do algebra at now makes up a tower in which I am standing upon with my gun in my hand.

I listen carefully to the clocks ticking and try to drown out the inhumane noises that my former classmates make.

1 more minute 

I hold up my gun

30 more seconds 

I aim it at my head

10 more seconds

my finger rests calmly on the trigger

1 more second

I plant my feet steadily 

0 more seconds

the bell rings 

the class of 2022 only has one graduate


A gunshot rings out in the old blood covered hallways  

schools out for summer


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