just a bunch of shit short stories about school


2. 2

I am not part of a clique, group, or band of people, I am alone, and I have always liked it that way. it worked for me, never being part of a clique let me glide by people without causing too much attention to myself and on the plus side, I have never had to deal with all those emotional attachments. 

sure sometimes it gets lonely, but being alone is the one way that I can survive in this world.  After all, you can't run away from everything with someone else now, can you? it kinda just defeats the whole purpose doesn't it?

hi, my name is Robin and i have been running from them for as long as I can remember.

"they" are the authority, "they" are the government, "they" are education, "they" are the supposed gods of our generation. "they" believe that we all are the same and should be the same. so they created the system. the system is something that is mandatory to put your children in and if you don't then you will be put in jail. the system is, to put it simply; a mandatory school in which you have to conform to their standards and if you don't well then, it the end of the line for you.

 I have been hiding from them for the past 6 years of my life.

I ran everywhere

I slept on the streets

I begged for money

I hid from the news reports that showed the nation with my face

until one morning when I was on the streets, someone recognized me and now I am back in the custody of my father.

I spent all morning trying to convince my dad that I was to sick to go to school or hell as I like to call it. he said that he was fed up with my bullshit and then dragged me into the car and drove me to the school in silence. I know I should feel something about being dragged towards my torturous future, but I stopped caring about my future a long time ago.

my dad opened up the car door and pushed me out onto the pavement. I could tell he resented that has happened and that's understandable I am just a burden to him. I am abnormal, I am the only person of my age NOT to go through the system. this pissed off quite a few people and they complained about how it was unfair, so here I am. driving towards the place that will take away the very essence of my being.

I trudge along the cold pavement until I reach the school doors my green plaid flowing in the cold winter's wind.

as soon as I step into the school they are waiting for me.

 And this time I didn't even have a chance to escape or start over.

they grabbed me by my wrists and threw me to the ground.

it felt as if everything was in slow motion, I was falling down backward and they were in control.

I felt my head crack against the pavement and felt blood trickle down the side of my face.

I looked up at the black masks that I had spent too much time trying to avoid 

and slowly felt my world fade into the darkness

they had finally gotten me

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