just a bunch of shit short stories about school


1. 1

hello my name is specter

 the world's crashed and everyone died.

june 22, 2020 is the date that changed the lives of many people forever, not me. I was expecting something like this to come. so when my school was put down on lockdown for "unknown causes" it's safe to say that I was excited. yup, that right I was excited for the end of the world, not our world specifically, but the rules and the constructs of mine, the things that keep me caged in this prison.  

the whole building shook when the worlds collided, some people were crying with their friends in their arms as if a small huddle will make the "others" leave them alone, but considering what some other kids were doing behind the bleachers i think it would be easier for the "others" to get them first. 

the entire gym was in a frenzy of tears shocked faces and the dial tones of people trying to reach their families.

while everyone else was curled up beside the walls or behind the bleachers with a "special" friend,I, of course, was sitting in the very center of the gym reading a book, thinking.

i smirked to myself, 'don't those idiots know that if something bad happens  they will die first due to the gas wiring in the walls, all it would take is one little match and the walls of the gym would go up in flames' some girl with a tear streaked face pointed at me from across the gym and her entire friend group turned their head to face me as if i was some type of anomaly.

out of the corner of my eye, I could see two people in the very corner of this cement room, they were about to light a match so they could smoke in 'secret' yup such a secret if the entire school can watch you do it. The boy in the black took out his box of matches and carefully picked one out. '1..' he showed it to his friend as if this match that could destroy their lives in an instant was somehow amazing '2..'  he brought the match between his thumb and forefinger '3..' and he struck the match against the wall. 

I smiled and whispered "Boom" as the walls erupted into flames and I let the heat swallow me whole.

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