Miles Between Us-Larry Stylinson Fanfiction

When Harry Styles and his sister Gemma Styles go on a trip to New York City to meet a few of Gemma's friends Harry doesn't expect to fall in love there. Louis Tomlinson and Harry meet each other at a local coffee shop in New York and they hit it off instantly. Harry has to leave a few days after to go back to England but before he leaves they exchange cell phone numbers. Louis is left in an emotional state and he doesn't know when he will ever see Harry again. Will Harry and Louis ever see each other again?


2. Chapter 2: Harry's POV

Chapter 2: Harry's P.O.V.

Once I am finished packing I check the time on my watch as I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. I made good time. It's only six thirty and usually these family meetings last a good hour or two depending on what mum wants to talk about.

We've already had dinner but I grab a granola bar and make a small sandwich from the kitchen before I go into the living room where Gemma and our mother sit in both of the reclining chairs. I go over and sit down on the sofa not wanting to make a big deal out of Gemma sitting in my favorite chair. 

"Hi, mum," I greet my mum cheerfully as I sit down on the sofa. 

"Hey, honey," mum greets me back just as cheerfully.

"Why aren't you making a big deal out of me sitting in your favorite chair, Harry?" Gemma asks me with a smirk meant to get me angry. It works unfortunately. 

"Mind your own damn bloody business, Gem!" I tell her angrily.

Gemma continues to smirk at me but she doesn't say anything else to me. Mum gives me a stern look silently telling me to be nice to my older sister since she is the one paying for our trip to New York. I sigh and mutter a silent apology to Gemma before we both turn our attention on our mother.

"Alright, so first things first. We're going to go over your checklists to see if each of you have everything you two need for our trip to New York," mum says beginning the meeting with a clap of her hands. "First up, is Gemma."

As mum goes over Gemma's checklist I go over my checklist silently in my head until it is my turn. Once mum and I have gone over my checklist together we go over the safety precautions of being on the busy streets of New York. By the time the family meeting is over I've already felt my cell phone vibrate in my jeans pocket at least a dozen times over the past hour and all of the texts are from Zayn.

Before I go back upstairs to go to bed I say goodnight to my mum and Gemma then after I've done that I go upstairs and check the twelve texts from Zayn on my phone.


Zayn: Mate, what r u doing for Valentine's Day?

Zayn: Gigi really wants to meet u.

Zayn: Bro, answer me.


I scroll past the rest of the messages mostly consisting of "bro answer me's" until I get to the last one.


Zayn: Aren't you going to New York in a couple of days?


I chuckle to myself because even though I've already told Zayn that I'm leaving for New York tomorrow he still decides to ask about it through text message.


HazStyles: I'm actually leaving tomorrow mate. Y do u ask?


There's a few seconds of silence from his end then...


Zayn: Oh shit! I forgot u were leaving tomorrow. I guess I'll have to let Gigi know that you'll be gone for a few days.

HazStyles: Ur always forgetting things. Lol. Anyways, I've got to get some rest mate. I'm leaving at six tomorrow morning. Good night

Zayn: Alright. Nighty

HazStyles: Night.


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