Miles Between Us-Larry Stylinson Fanfiction

When Harry Styles and his sister Gemma Styles go on a trip to New York City to meet a few of Gemma's friends Harry doesn't expect to fall in love there. Louis Tomlinson and Harry meet each other at a local coffee shop in New York and they hit it off instantly. Harry has to leave a few days after to go back to England but before he leaves they exchange cell phone numbers. Louis is left in an emotional state and he doesn't know when he will ever see Harry again. Will Harry and Louis ever see each other again?


1. Chapter 1: Harry's POV

Chapter 1: Harry's P.O.V.

I'm not very organized. I mean my bedroom isn't as organized as my older sister, Gemma's room is. Whenever I clean my room it just gets messy again. Being a twenty-four year old man I should already know better than to keep my room messy but I'm just really lazy. I'm lucky that my mum, Anne Twist,is still letting me live with her and my older sister, Gemma.

Right now I'm packing up for the trip I'm taking with Gemma and my mum tomorrow. My best friend, Zayn Malik, keeps texting me while I am packing. He's probably telling me about the date he had last night with some girl named Gigi Hadid. I sigh as my cell phone vibrates in my pocket for the eighteenth time tonight and I stop what I am doing for a few minutes so I can text Zayn back.

Sure thing when I check the texts from Zayn on my cell phone I see that he is talking about his date with Gigi. After I text him back telling him that I'm glad that he had a good time on his date I go back to packing.

I've never been able to stay in one relationship in all my twenty-four years of living. Mostly because I'm always way too busy to stay in one relationship.

"Harry, would you mind mind coming downstairs for a few minutes?" my mum calls to me. "We're about to have a family meeting for our trip to New York."

"Yeah. Just give me a few moments," I call back to her. "I'm not done packing."

"Alright, honey. Take your time. There's no hurry, love," my mum reassures me.

I see Gemma bolt out of her room the second our mum calls us downstairs for a family meeting. She hates being locked up in her room whenever she has to pack even though it was her idea to go on a trip somewhere. Last year, she even took it so far as to just sit on her bed the day we were supposed to pack all day and she waited until the very last minute to pack. Boy, did she learn her lesson.

In the past ten years of travelling to random places with Gemma we usually just stayed in England but last year we went outside of England for the first time. To be honest I'd rather just stay back home and have the house all to myself but for some reason I always go hoping I'll find love. This year though I have a feeling it'll be different.



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