The Mind As A Slave

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 22 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
All my life, I've been a slave since I was fifteen.
Then, age fifty, and I'm still livin' the same life.

Now, age ninety, and I'm able to tell my story.
This is my mind as a slavery.

A story for Black History Month.
I dedicate this story to my father. Love you, Daddy!


5. Master

He's a dirty bastard.
He screws with the female slaves on the sly,
thinking his wife don't know.

But she knows.

He reads us the Bible 'cause we can't read,
telling us to obey thy master.
But he's no master.

My master is the Lord.

He's a dirty bastard.
And I hope he dies with the devil himself.

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