The Mind As A Slave

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 22 Feb 2018
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All my life, I've been a slave since I was fifteen.
Then, age fifty, and I'm still livin' the same life.

Now, age ninety, and I'm able to tell my story.
This is my mind as a slavery.

A story for Black History Month.
I dedicate this story to my father. Love you, Daddy!


11. Home!

O' Lord!
I'm home!

I'm here in my sweet ole town.

O' Lord, you have never failed me!
Thank you, dear God!

My babies!
My sweet, sweet, babies!

and my baby girl,

O' Lord,
I beg thee to not have my chilren forgotten me.
Please, Lord.

Of all the bad things,
don't let this be one of them.


Do you know me?
You do??
You all remember me?

O' thank God!
My chilren!

They haven't forgotten my face!

Where is my baby girl, Isabella?

Look at you! 
You are no longer my babygirl!
You have grown so much!

You're an adult!
You're no longer younger.
Is this your child?
Is this my grandchild?

O' she's so beautiful!
And your life is gorgeous!

Charles and Betty!
O' Lord! 
You've never failed me 
and you ain't failin' me now!

You've all grown!!


The love of my life...
O' I've missed you so much!!

Thank you, God!
Thank you for keeping my family!

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