The Mind As A Slave

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 22 Feb 2018
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All my life, I've been a slave since I was fifteen.
Then, age fifty, and I'm still livin' the same life.

Now, age ninety, and I'm able to tell my story.
This is my mind as a slavery.

A story for Black History Month.
I dedicate this story to my father. Love you, Daddy!


1. Author's Note


Since it's Black History Month, I thought I'd joined in the month and write a slavery story.

I know some of you aren't going to like this story, maybe because you don't like black people, or you don't like how detailed the story is.

Please, just PLEASE don't report this story. This story really means a lot to me, especially with my culture and the history behind the story. It's really all made up, but similar to the stories I've heard, the movies I've seen, and the books I've read. 

Give my story a chance. Don't start hating instantly by the cover. If you want, you don't even have to read it. Just please, let me write this story.

Thank you.

If the rest of you do end up liking this story, please like it and favorite it.

Thank you so much!


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