Inside the hospital

Taehyung and Jungkook are friends. They are gay. And they are in love with each other. But they get depressing news: Jungkook has a deadly illness. He can survive and he can die.


2. We should get you checked by a doctor


                                                                Next day



When I wake up, I don´t know where I am. I look confused around in the room. Then I recognize Taehyungs bed room. I´m alone and I don´t know what time of day it is. I try to sit up, but it´s hard. It´s like I don´t have strength enough. Even though I have slept all night and some of the day, I´m very tired. How is it possible? I’m chocked when the door opens. Taehyung smiles. You´re awake, he says, and I nod. Two seconds, give me some time to kickstart my heart, I say, and he laughs. Do you want breakfast? I´m coming, I answer.  It costs me a lot of effort, but I succeed in getting up and walk after him. When we come into the kitchen, I sink down at a chair. He sets some food at the table and sits down next to me. Sorry for giving you troubles, I say, feeling guilty over letting him do all the work. No problem, he says, and shakes his head. Seriously, it´s not a problem. I nod, trying to believe him. He takes my hand and holds it. It´s okay Jungkook, he says and I catch his eyes. I mean it. I smile. Okay, I think I must believe you, I say. I can´t focus because of his hand in mine. I don´t want him to take his hand away, it feels good to hold hands with him. We sit one minute in silence, looking each other in the eyes and holding hands. Then we continue eating, but still with our fingers weaved together. I could sit like this forever.

Jungkook? Tae says, when we are done eating and changed. Yes? I look at him. I think… I think we should get you checked by a doctor. I´m afraid that something´s wrong. You are unnaturally tired and you were out of breath when we walked a short way, slowly. There´s something about it. If you think so, I say. But I´m not happy about it. He takes a step towards me, so we are really close at each other. I know, he says. He lifts his hand and softly sweeps it over my cheek. I hug him and he hugs me back. We hug each other for a long time. Then we go to the doctor.

In the waiting room, there only is one chair free. We look at each other. Just take it, he says. If you want to sit down, I can sit on your lab, I shyly say. I blush and realize that he does too. Okay, he says and sits down at the chair. I sit down on him and carefully lean back. He wraps his arms around my waist and rests his chin on my shoulder. First it feels very strange, but then I begin to relax. I can feel the warmth from his body and it´s actually comfortable. Now we just have to wait.

After what feels like hours, it´s finally our turn. We walk into the doctor´s office and see him sit behind his desk. Hello, he says. Sit down. He nods in the direction of some chairs. So, why are you here? he asks, when we sit down. Taehyung tells him about his worries and I just look down. Hmmm, doctor says, when Tae´s done. Come with me, I´ll take some tests. We follow him into another room. Doctor finds a needle, to take a blood sample. I begin to sweat nervously. I hate blood samples. I take Tae´s hand squeeze it hard. I guess you don´t like this? doctor says. Right, I whisper. I close my eyes and squeeze Tae´s hand harder. I feel a little sting and then it´s over.

After taking some different tests, doctor lets us go, and tells us to come back next week. What now? I ask. I must visit my parents, Taehyung says, looking a little guilty. Okay, see you next week, I reply. He nods. We give each other a long hug.



Is something wrong honey? mom asks me as we sit around the table, eating. I have something to tell all of you, I say. My family looks at me. I´m gay. Silence. You are what? dad asks. Gay, I low-voiced say and I can feel, I´m blushing. Mom takes my hand. You know we´ll love you no matter what, she says, almost crying. Why do mothers always cry? I smile and nod. The she hugs me. Dad only lays an arm on my shoulder and squeeze it. We continue to eat. I feel, there´s more? mom asks after some time in a questioning voice. I let out a sigh. It´s just the guy I like. Let me guess, dad says, with the mouth full of food. He swallows and continues. He´s not gay or just doesn´t likes you back? I shake my head. I think there´s something wrong with him. We were hanging out yesterday and today, and there were some signs, saying that something isn´t like it should be. We got him checked by a doctor today and we´ll get the results next week. Aww, sweetie, I hope for both of you that it isn´t something serious. Can you tell us who it is? dad asks. Jungkook. My sweet Kookie. We talk a bit more about it, and then we change topic.  

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