Inside the hospital

Taehyung and Jungkook are friends. They are gay. And they are in love with each other. But they get depressing news: Jungkook has a deadly illness. He can survive and he can die.


6. Truth or dare?



When I wake up is Seokjin ready with the medicine. Is Taehyung alright? I ask. Seokjin smiles at me. I love the way, you ask how Taehyung is, when it´s you there is the seek. But is alright? I won´t give up. Yeah, he´s okay, he finally answers. Right now, he´s out with some friends. That´s good, I think to myself. He needs to have some fun. He really cares about you, Seokjin calm says. He´s a good friend, I response. He catches my eyes. Do you think he could be a good boyfriend? Slam! The question hits me right in the face. He could be an amazing boyfriend, I say, while I´m looking down, trying to hide the fact, that I´m blushing. Hmmmm, is the only answer I get from him.


After ringing the doorbell, I can´t do anything more than wait. I stand in front of Yoongi´s house with the candy and the chips, I promised to bring. Yoongi opens the door. Hi, I say. Hey, come in, he replies. I walk in, and he closes the door behind me. We go to the kitchen and unpack the snacks. How are Jungkook? he unsurely asks.” Honestly, I don´t know. It could go both ways.” I continue to come snacks in bowls. Let me guess, you don´t want to talk about it? You´re totally right, I say, glad about he knows me so well. But not as well as Jungkook a small voice, back in my head, points out. I ignore it. A high tone breaks the silence. The doorbell. Yoongi hurry out to open. I hear voices and soon Hoseok joins the kitchen. Hey Hoseok, I smile. Hey Taehyung. You okay? I´m fine thanks. Let´s watch a movie, Yoongi suggests. Hoseok and I agree, so we go up to choose one.

The room stinks of chips, beer and farts. The movie is over. We lay on the sofa, don´t really know what to do. Are you guys sleeping here? Yoongi sluggish asks. Yeah, why not. I stay, I decide. I´m staying too, Hoseok smirks. I send Jungkook a short message, he can read when he´s awake.  I have an idea, Hoseok announces. Yoongi looks at him, with his eyebrows sceptic raised. We play truth or dare. Again, why not, I say, taking some chips. Yoongi still looks sceptic, but agrees. Okay, I start, Hoseok sings. Yoongi: truth or dare?

Laughs and secrets later, it´s, again, Hoseok´s turn to ask. Taehyung: truth or dare? Truth, I response. Hmmmm, he says, trying to find a question. Is there something you don´t tell your friends, because you are scared of their reaction? I think of Jungkook. Yes, I whisper. And then I take a quick, but important, decision. And I actually want to tell you about it. You don´t have to. Yoongi sounds serious. I know, I tell him, I know. But I need to tell someone. I look on a point between them. I´m gay. I don´t hesitate, it will make it even harder. You are WHAT? Yoongi leans forward. Hoseok just looks like he´s lost in thoughts. Ehm… gay, I repeat. We all sit in silence. I will give the time they need to get used to it. I haven´t seen that come, Hoseok admits. Me neither. Yoongi shakes his head. You and a boy… not to get hold of. He bits his lip. But on the other side, Hoseok thinks out loud, why not? A teasing smile is showing on his face. So, do you have a boyfriend? I shake my head. But I like one, I tell them. Hoseok makes an ugly, hype noise, that makes Yoongi and I laugh. Whooooo? Hoseok giggles. I smile. Jungkook, I whisper. They get serious. Oh, is the only thing Hoseok can say. Yeah, I reply. Then his lips show a little smile. Uhhh, hospital sex. Kinky. He winks at me. I can feel, I´m blushing, and I can´t hold back a little laughter. Right now, I´m glad about his joke. I need to forget, just a moment.


I´m the only one awake. I lay with my phone, waiting for the others to wake up. Hoseok´s comment about hospital sex, randomly appears my head. I shake my head. That guy. 

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