When Green Met Blue

' Always in my heart @Harry_Styles yours sincerely, Louis '

' How's this? Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. I'm happy, why can't you accept that? '

So... Where did it all go wrong?


1. one - blue neighborhood



Louis’ point of view…

If I could fly
I’d be coming right back home to you
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to
Pay attention, I hope that you listen
Cause I let my guard down
Right now I’m completely defenseless

For your eyes only, -

I switched stations when Harry’s solo came on. I just couldn’t deal with the pain of hearing his sweet, angelic voice flow through the speakers in my car. It seemed I did this a lot lately, every time one of our songs came on and I heard Harry’s solo. Ever since management fucked up probably the only good thing I had going right now, besides the love from the fans.

I never understood the significance in hiding a gay relationship, when it came to publicity. I mean, who really gives a flying you-know-what if people know me and Harry are together. I’m pretty sure 90 percent of the fans have figured it out by now; we haven’t exactly been subtle since the beginning. Even my mum said it herself, for Christ’s sake.

My mum…

I sighed and switched to a different station because quite frankly Madonna made me want to fork out my intestines right now. I needed something heavy, something to shake the thoughts out of my head. I found the classic rock channel and turned the volume up to an alarming velocity.

I eventually pulled into the driveway of Liam’s place and shut the door heavily. I stuck my hands in my pockets, making my way to the front door. It was open, like every time we had a get-together. “Payno.” I called, entering the foyer.

Niall, instead, came out of the kitchen and greeted me with the beer in his hand. I shook my head with a short chuckle, “Jesus Ni. It’s not even part noon yet.”

“Well, footie’s on and my team’s winning, so hurry up your arse and meet me in the kitchen.” He slurred, his Irish accent thick. He headed back off the kitchen, and then I heard Harry’s laugh travel through the house. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks. And I missed the lad.

I missed his kisses, his curly hair, his intense green eyes, his voice.

I slipped off my shoes and headed into the kitchen. Liam was standing over the oven, checking something he was baking. It smelled like banana cake to me. “You look like a housewife.” I commented, with my eye brow raised and a smirk on my lips.

“Pleasure to see you, too Tommo.” He retorted with a scoff.

I laughed and hit him on the back lightly, in a greeting. I looked up from where Liam was hunched over and saw Harry gazing at me from across the room. He had one leg propped on the chair across from him, arms crossed over his chest, and a small smirk playing across his lips. “Going to say hello to me, Tomlinson?” He asked.

I was glad to see he was in a half decent mood. The last time I saw him, he was slamming doors at the studio where we met with management and cussing like a truck driver.

I smiled and headed over to him, placing a kiss on his cherry-flavored lips; “Hi love.” I murmured.

“Get a room.” Niall grunted, eyes to the T.V.

I looked over to Liam, “Is Z popping by anytime soon?” I asked, setting myself down beside Harry, to which he placed his hand on my knee affectionately.

Liam swallowed thickly and shook his head, shimmying off his apron. He pressed his lips into a thin line and exhaled through his nose, eye brows furrowed together, “I asked but he said he was spending the day with some buddies… And Gigi.”

Harry and I looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Fuck him.” Niall interjected. “Have a beer, sit down and watch the game. Always makes me feel better.”

“Aye, but Niall you get laid like you breathe air.” Liam said humorously, but also with a twinge of sadness. It was no secret to any of us Liam had feelings for Zayn. It was obvious to everyone, except Zayn himself. When it came to music, the boy was a genius. But when it came to his surroundings, he was about as stupid as the door knob on Liam’s front door.

Liam sighed, shaking his head slightly and heading over to sit with us. Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulders and rested his chin on me, whispering into my ear, “Want to spend the night at ours? Don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” I turned to look at him, our noses pressing together, “Don’t you have some music to work on? Don’t want to distract you.” He smiled and rested his forehead against mine, “One night won’t hurt.”

I smiled at that. I missed spending nights with Harry. Lately, we’ve all been pretty busy with working on stuff for our new albums. I’ve been busy with Freddie too, trying to see him at every point that I could. It was hard when Harry was around, because Freddie was like a reminder to him of my stupid one night stand. The media clapped me on the back, but I’ll never forget the look in Harry’s eyes, or how long it took him to forgive me.

I sighed and rested my head against his shoulder, suddenly having a headache.

“THERE WE FUCKING GO, THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!” Niall shrieked when his team scored, making Harry jump and spill his drink.

“Niall, for Christ’s sake.” I said, shaking my head.

He blushed and shrugged apologetically while Liam just laughed. I rolled my eyes and knelt to help Harry take care of his spilled drink.


Leave this blue neighborhood
Never knew lovin’ could hurt this good, oh
And it drives me wild
Cause when you look like that,
Never have I wanted to be so bad, oh
And it drives me wild....

I heard the music coming from our room and I knew Harry was listening to Troye Sivan. I smiled and made my way down the hallway and into the bedroom. He was sat on the king-sized bed, reading some crime novel that he was fancying. I tugged off my shirt and got into some sweatpants before laying next to him.

He turned to look at me with a smile and I kissed his forehead. I trailed my fingers along his biceps and he placed down the book, facing me completely. “Do you have to see Eleanor tomorrow?” He asked.

My eyebrows furrowed together and I frowned, nodding. “Yeah,” I said. “They want a photo of me and her doing some errands, or whatever. Apparently the fans are still going pretty strong with, um.. Larry.” I murmured, squeezing his hand in comfort. I knew how it hurt him to see the photos of me and Eleanor online. I knew sometimes he Googled them and sat the computer, scrolling through. I knew because I’ve seen his eyes water countless times, I’ve seen him rush off to the bathroom. I’ve heard him cry...

When Harry cried, it was like a spear through my heart. Because I hated him being in pain, because of God damn Modest. I hated it so much, because out of the four of us, Harry was the most delicate; the most sensitive. He cries easily, he hurts easily. And it killed me to know there was nothing I could do. It hurt me, bad.

Two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds
So can we make the most out of no time?
Can you hold me?
Can you make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind?

I frowned again and switched off the music as I saw Harry cast his eyes down. He needed my full attention.

“Hey,” I whispered. “Come here.” I wrapped an arm around his torso, pulling him close to me. He gave a little sigh, knowing there was nothing we could do. Like always, nothing we could do. He knew it, I knew it, and the boys knew it. All we could was try and stand it, a long as we can ride it. 


“It’s going to be okay..” I murmured against his ear, roping my fingers through his soft curls. He nodded, barely, but he nodded. He wasn’t giving up on us, and neither was I. 



a / n: hello everyone ! 

hru all ? good, bad, sad, happy, ecstatic ? I, personally, am exhausted XD I have wayyyyyy too many things to catch up on right now, including updating. But, *shrugs*, yanno. I write too much for my own good, haha. 

this book can be found on ao3 as well as here, and movellas ! 

a little info on the title of this chapter... I chose the song 'blue nighborhood' by Troye Sivan because the actually definition of the term blue neighborhood means 'the state of depression, or where depressed people stay.' And for now, that's where Harry and Louis are at. so the term 'blue neighborhood' will be in every chapter title until the peak of happiness comes along in this book. I thought it was literary cleverness (: 

Anywaysssssss, have a nice day baby kiwis. Until next time xxx

    - Amanda <3

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