1D Save Me

In 2013, I wrote a fanfic about One Direction on the account HayleyReneeBell.
While the band isn’t together anymore, I was revisiting the story and it brings back so many good memories that I want to rewrite it, and hopefully do better. So, Here it is.


2. Blurb

This story is set in the year it was originally written in, 2013, the band is still fully together. 

One phone call can change your life forever. When Hayley wins three backstage passes to a One Direction concert for her and her two sisters, she never thought that her life would change so drastically. She never thought that they would be invited to stay with the guys, and she never, EVER, thought that one would fall for her..but life is unpredictable. Sometimes you just need someone, or a few someones, to help save you. 


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