Hearts Astray

He was her best friend and now, the love of her life. Will this romance blossom? Or is it doomed to be forever one sided?





          This was the absolute worst year ever. Ugh…why did people have to celebrate Valentine? Why did they have to be all…lovey dovey about it? Well, it wasn’t their fault she was mad at this year’s Valentine. It was all her fault, she was the one who had to go ‘catch feelings’ so to say.

          Erica didn’t mind the Valentine of the year before, or the year before that or the ones in all the nineteen years of her life. But this one was special, it was the first Valentine where she was in love and actually had someone she wanted to spend it with. But will fate give her that chance? No..!

           She threw up her hands in frustration before putting them down quickly as she got strange looks from the shoppers around her. Shoprite was filled with them, the lovebirds. Holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, whispering sweet nothings to each other. God, they made her sick but…also long for her own companion.

         What was she thinking when she fell in love with her best friend? She should have known it wouldn’t work out, even though she couldn’t control who her heart fell in love with but she’d have tried. He didn’t see her as anything other than a best friend and sometimes even a sister. But it was impossible to not fall in love with him. His caring attitude, honest way of speaking, his ‘don’t give a fuck’ way of life and his occasional weirdo moments all contributed to her falling in love with him. Not to talk of his looks, boy was he fine he was neither tall nor muscular but to her, he was the most handsome guy she’d ever laid her eyes on.

          The nudging from impatient customers on the queue broke her out of her reverie, letting her it was her turn to be checked out. She sighed dejectedly as she carried her bags outside. She knew she couldn’t dare to confess her feelings to him, it would make things so awkward between them especially since he couldn’t reciprocate her feelings. She couldn’t afford to lose him over something as silly as that. No, she’d keep her feelings to herself even if it killed her.

           Just as she was trying to juggle the bags to make it easier to open the door to her apartment, her phone rang. That ringtone was familiar, it was the one she used specially for Timothy. She dropped everything she was holding in a hurry so she wouldn’t miss the call. She picked the call, smiling at her best friend’s familiar voice but after a few minutes the smile fell away like wet paper off a wall. She said a shaky goodbye and hung up. She dropped the phone like it was burning her. No, no, her anguished sobs filled the room as she curled up into a ball on the floor. It wasn’t possible, it had to be a joke. She knew it would eventually happen but she didn’t expect it to be this soon. But it was really happening, Timothy now had a girlfriend.

          He sighed as she hung up. This was for the best, his happiness didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Erica continued to stay close to him. His feelings for her were already growing too strong, he was so close to blurting out how much he loved her. he knew she didn’t feel the same way for him, it wasn’t possible. He was too fucked up for someone as innocent, as pure as she was to fall for him. He might not be in love with Naomi but Naomi wasn’t in love with him either. They were only with each other for companionship. He hoped he’d survive it whenever Erica finally decided to get a boyfriend. He knew it would tear him apart but for now he’d keep her to himself and enjoy the time they had together. Valentine day had never looked so bleak. The one his heart was with couldn’t be with him. What then was the purpose of celebrating?

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