Tord x Tom | eddaworld fanfiction | part 1

This is a fanfic about tom and tord this fanfic is for 16+ or whatever beware this fanfic will get very intimidate in chapter 4 chapter 4 is definitely for 16+


2. The phone call

Tom: *he finally gets home after a 30 minute walk and is now laying on the couch with the folded piece of paper in his hand*

*he unfolds the paper to reveal a phone number*

Tom: should I phone the number? *he grabs his phone out of his phone and dials the number*

Tom: pick up

Tord: hey it’s me, tord

Tom: oh hey tord, what’s up?

Tord: eh nothing much, I erm wanted to ask you if your maybe, interested in guys, it’s fine if you don’t

Tom: well yes I am interested in guys

Tord: what’s your sexuality? If you don’t mind me asking

Tom: well I’m bisexual, what about you?

Tord: same here, I want to ask you something

Tom: I’m all ears

Tord: would you want to go on a date sometime?

Tom: *his eyes widen as he starts to feel nervous*

Tord: you still there?

Tom: yea and sure a date sounds good

Tord: I’ll pick you up tomorrow, around 8pm?

Tom: sure

Tord: see you tomorrow

Tom: *he puts the phone down and decides to head upstairs to bed*

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