Tord x Tom | eddaworld fanfiction | part 1

This is a fanfic about tom and tord this fanfic is for 16+ or whatever beware this fanfic will get very intimidate in chapter 4 chapter 4 is definitely for 16+


4. The Date

*tords sitting alone at a table in a fancy restaurant waiting for tom, he’s been waiting 18 minutes*

Tord: he’s certainly late *sighs*

Tom: *rushes into the restaurant in a flustering way and sits at the table*

Tord: you took your time?

Tom: I’m sorry I slept in then had loads of stuff to do

Tord: *he chuckles and looks over at tom* it’s fine

Tom: *he feels embarrassed and laughs nervously*

Tord : so, when was the last time you was with someone?

Tom: erm I haven’t actually been with anyone at all...

Tord: really?

Tom: yea, I wasn’t the type of person anyone wanted to be with, what about you

Tord: I’ve dated once it didn’t go so well

Tom: I’m sorry

Tord: eh it’s fine I don’t really think he was into me

Tom: *he smiles warmly*

Tord: *he smiled back before noticing the waiter*

Waiter: order?

Tom: yes, erm could I have the pasta please?

Tord: I’ll have the lobster tail

Waiter: certainly sir

*the waiter walks off into the kitchen*

Tom: I erm have feelings for you tord, very strong feelings

Tord: really?

Tom: *nods*

Tord: well I have feelings for you too

Tom: *he blushes brightly*

Tord: *he smirks and whispers* how about we take this dinner to go? Then we can go to my place?

Tom: *his cheeks go bright red with embarrassed and nods*

Tord: aye waiter can we take this dinner to go?

*the waiter makes his way to the table

Waiter: yes sir

Tord: thank you

*10 minutes later, tord and tom are in the car at tords house*

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