Tord x Tom | eddaworld fanfiction | part 1

This is a fanfic about tom and tord this fanfic is for 16+ or whatever beware this fanfic will get very intimidate in chapter 4 chapter 4 is definitely for 16+


1. new job

Tom: *walks into the work office nervously, he didn’t get any sleep last night*

Tord: *glances over at tom from his computer screen as he sees Tom hurry to his office*

Tom: *rubs eye* ugh I hope I can stay awake to do all this work, I’d hate to be fired on the first day.

*just then there was a knock at the door*

Tom: come in

*tom looks over at the door as he sees tord walk in*

Tord: hey, you must be the new person, I’m tord *he exchanges a hand shake* and you are?

Tom: I’m tom

Tord: you new around here? *he looks at tom*

Tom: yes I moved here a couple weeks ago

Tord: cool, anyway I best be getting back to work see you around.

*tom watches as he leaves before sighing with relief*

Tom: thank god I didn’t act weird, like I normally do around new people.

*6 hours later and Toms shift is over*

Tom: *smiles gleefully* what a good first day

*he walks out of his office and accidentally runs into tord which knocks them both to the floor*

Tom: o-oh erm I’m sorry *he gets up and gives tord a hand up* just really wanting to get home I guess

Tord: it’s fine, no harm done anyway I wanted to give you something.

*tord gives tom a small piece of folded paper and tom puts it in his pocket*

Tord: anyway I’ll let you get home, you probably have a lover waiting for you.

Tom: u-um r-right *he quickly hurried out and got into his car*

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