Tord x Tom | eddaworld fanfiction | part 1

This is a fanfic about tom and tord this fanfic is for 16+ or whatever beware this fanfic will get very intimidate in chapter 4 chapter 4 is definitely for 16+


5. let’s have some fun ;)

Tord: would you want to have a little fun upstairs?

Tom: *he blushes brightly nodding nervously*

Tord: *he picks tom up and walks upstairs before laying him on the bed

Tom: *he looks at tord still blushing*

*tord goes and shuts the door before taking off all his clothing*

Tom: *he stares and watches as tord reveals his abs*

Tord: should I help with your clothes? *he smirks*

Tom: I-I can take them o-of myself

*tom takes off his clothes revealing a kinky thong like underwear*

Tord: *he whistles before getting into bed*

Tom: *he follows and gets into bed*

Tord: *he puts tom on his hands and knees*

Tom: *he blushes brightly*

Tord: *without warning he shoves his giant cock inside of tom thrusting as deep as he can*

Tom: *he lets out a loud moan of pleasure*

Tord: *he thrusts harder as he puts his hands on toms waist*

Tom: *he grunts feeling the power of tord in every single thrust*

*this goes on for another 10 minutes*

Tord: I think I’m about to *he thrust deep as he cums into tom*

Tom: *he lets out one last moan as he feels tords load drip down his legs*

Tord: *he stops and takes out his cock before laying down next to tom who is laying on his back*

Tom: *he breathes heavily feeling a bit sore*

Tord: *he looks at tom and kisses him passionately*

Tom: *he wraps his arms around his neck feeling tords tongue against his*

*they both start to make out before eventually falling asleep

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