Sad Love

Sad people find love


1. Me

"I have nothing to live for." I said as I lean forward off a tall bridge. I take a deep breath and leaned more. As soon as I lean more and more I feel hands grab around my waste tightly and get pulled. I fell on the ground and saw a girl about my age lying next to me. She looked up at me as I fell back and blacked out. I woke up in a house I've never been in before. I get up really fast and my head starts to spin and was pounding out of my skull. I put my hands on my head as my head was throbbing then a girl walked in. I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn't think where from. "You probably don't remember me from last night do you?" She said as I looked at her awkwardly. "I do I just don't really remember what happened. I just recognize your face." I said as I look down and think really hard when I first saw her. I finally remembered everything
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