the genius project

the winners award that would be challenges is... Artemis fowl, Project Mc square , Percy jackson


2. Step one Watch the news

The two others also got this letter fit to there needs. All three of them had toned in to Fox news.

Reporter: Down town in Manhattan, New York. The president of the  Water company, B.O.O.W.S.G.R., has desided to  build another water system close to the ocean. He has shone how very good this is and how this water taste better than tap or regular water.  Past byes has agreed.

Aretmis Fowl new what to do and he had a feeling the rest did to.

Makayla's POV

Makayla walked frantically to her laboratory. Her friends weren't allowed to help. Addison. Her notebook/computer talked nervously ." This is such  a big deal! Are the rest of the kids as smart? Is the rest coming...." " Addison! Please I'm trying to think!" Makayla said grabbing her things. She left the house and unlocked her car.  Once buckled she made sure her suit case was packed. Manhattan. Far. She just started driving and still she was very careful. Slow, but safe!  She started to shake and then she took deep breaths." Addison hook me up to the Manhattan Central Park". She commanded." Check!" Makayla grip the wheel and started to back out then slammed on her brakes as a car flew passed her. She back out and was in her way.

Annbeths' POV

Can we just say Annabeth was not in the mood. Camp was in a week! She grabbed her Yankee cap and stormed out the house. Her knife strapped to her side. She pulled out four damacas. I don't won't to do this! She thought. She called out for the gray sisters. A taxi came to her faster than___ let's say light. She flinch.. " did someone ask for a ride!" They said together . She jumped in  then realized her mistake the one driving didn't have her eye. They zip off in a blur making Annabeth want to lose her lunch." Give__ her__ the eyeeee!" She gasped has the taxi missed a lamp pole by centimeters." The girls right I should have the eye!" The witch screeched. Her sister wailed as the other sister poke the eye out.  The first sister put the eye in her socket and swerved as another car past by them. They came to a sudden jerking stop. Annabeth grip the seat so she would fly into the glass window." Okay times up." The third sister said. Annbeth caught her breath before paying them. She stumbled out the car her bag and slung it on her shoulder. The car disappeared, and Annbeth found her self looking at two teenagers in a park. One was extremely pale with a suit and jet black hair. The other had black hair with a school girl suit." Must be Annabeth!" The girl said. The girl came to greet her. But the boy seemed hesitate like he knew she  special." What are you?" He asked." What do you mean?" She asked playing dumb." I sense your not human but not immortal eighter." Your the fairy guy!" She said utterly amused her grit his teeth." Your the girl who still believe last in Greek mythology!" He spat.  The color drained from Annabeth's face. " don't worry I'll keep your secret if you explain." He promised." I don't have to do any of this! Athena can kill you." She hissed then covered her mouth." Athena? You mean as in wisdom goddess?" He asked pressing the subject on her." Y-yes. I'm a__ demigod. I don't expect you to believe me but please don't go telling the world. Demigods are lucky to get passed sixth grade. Were hunted by mon-" A blur flash past Annabeth and knocked her off her feet. Artemis who had no experience with fighting took three steps back. He watched the figure stop. Annabeth jumped up and reached for her knife and__ Yankees cap she put it on and she disappeared. The monster Makayla could not see clearly. The figure was a scaly green figure with lizard eyes. Claws drip with blood. It sniffed the air. " Tasty half bloods !" It hissed. A boy with a orange shirt jump out of nowhere. A Sheila and a sword in his hand  he jump besides the monster as a invisible force, slapped him ." You idiot!" Annabeth exclaimed they boy firmly removed her hand. "No  I missed you or- watch out!" He screamed as the creature lunged air the boy. The boy jump back a few feet and a wave from the water Fountain seemed to pick him up and raised him in the air. Another wave rose and blasted the creature and a knife and dug into its skull. The monster wailed and disenagrated. Annabeth reappeared and passed out. The boy gentle came to the ground his body dry as a bone. He ran to Annabeth. Scooped her up and and stumbled to the Boy. Artemis trembled then got a hold of him self." Hey man. Try smiling it will not kill you." The boy muttered. " And who are you?" " Percy Jackson. He coughed. His sea green eyes spotted the girl ." Hey how you doing" . The girl unfroze and ran to the  boy." I heard about you. You step father acused you of killing your mom. You were also spotted at the stop of the empire stat building. I saw you fall. How you  live?" Makayla asked. " long story. I'm the son of posiden. This is Athena's child.. 

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