It’s Time

About moving on with life and look at the bright side


1. It’s Time

Time to say goodbye to the past

Memories I will watch through a looking glass

Senior year going by fast

The first 13 years Was a blast

I hope my relationships last

I will always be remembered as an outcast

I can’t wait to see what my future holds

Can’t wait til I get my degree

Less than three months I’d be free

Time to grow up

I’m done with breakups

Done with the crying

Done with the insecurities that I let control my life

Time to cut those feelings with a knife

Now watch me come to life

Time to move on to the next chapter in my life

I wish I can go back and tell my eight year old self

Don’t wish your childhood away

Now it’s too late

It’s time to graduate

Now everyone lined in alphabetical order

Emotions running high

Lots of Goodbyes

Now it’s time to say Hi to your new life

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