Love, Delilah

Sophia Smith feels lost in the world. Ordinary. Common. A copy. Every week she writes a letter to an imaginary person she made up, Delilah. Delilah is everything she's ever wanted to be. When she letters get stolen, she panics and looks everywhere to find them. Then, two days later she receives letters from someone claiming to be her Delilah answering every single letter. Her life immediately changes as she searches for Delilah, as well as herself.


2. The Start

The next day there were several students who hadn't finished yet. While they searched for their unique and beautiful names, I scrolled and scrolled down the list reading names. When I got to the 126th name, I stopped. Delilah it read. 

"Delilah..." I said to myself. I immediately fell in love with the name. That night, when I once again returned home, I opened up an old school notebook with bright blue paper and pink donuts decorating the corners of the pages. 

Dear Delilah, 

How have you been? 

That night, I wrote a letter to someone named Delilah Rose. She was tall, had long curly dirty blond hair and everyone loved her. She played ice hockey and was the oldest child. When I finished the letter, I ripped out the page from the notebook, put it into an envelope, licked the envelope shut, and stuck it into an old box in the back corner of my closet. 

That one letter evolved into me writing letters to Delilah monthly, sometimes weekly, just updating on what was happening. I confessed the huge crush that I have had on Uriah Wilson for years, the arguments I got into, the grades I got, basically almost everything got written onto that blue paper and stuck in an enclosed envelope. 

8 years later, I'm still Sophia Smith, and I'm still pretty normal. Well, I WAS pretty normal, but that was before I got attacked by a flock of pigeons. For your sake of understanding, Let me start at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. 

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