Love, Delilah

Sophia Smith feels lost in the world. Ordinary. Common. A copy. Every week she writes a letter to an imaginary person she made up, Delilah. Delilah is everything she's ever wanted to be. When she letters get stolen, she panics and looks everywhere to find them. Then, two days later she receives letters from someone claiming to be her Delilah answering every single letter. Her life immediately changes as she searches for Delilah, as well as herself.


6. The first letter

Dear Sophia,

It was so great to hear from you! I wasn't expecting such a huge mob of letters all at once, but I appreciate them. Life for me has been pretty good, nothing completely out of the ordinary. What about you? 



P.S. Make sure to write back, just leave the letter in the branches of the huge maple tree in Howards Park, I love it there! 

"Oh my god..." I whispered.

"Hey Sophia!" Said a voice behind me. I quickly turned around. It was Delia. 

"Oh, hey Delia." I said. 

"I'm really sorry about Friday..." She said. 

"It's fine." I said quickly. "But do you know WHY Iris sent around the video?" 

"I honestly have no idea." Delia shrugged. "It's really messed up." 

"Yeah." I said. "It is." 

"But did you hear? She asked out Uriah!" Delia said. 

"W-what?" I said. 

"Do you know Uriah Wilson?" She asked. "He's tall, brown hair-" 

"Yes, I know him." I said, annoyed. "What did he say?"

"He said he'd think about it." Delia said. "If you ask me, I suspect that he's just too nervous to reject her." 

"Yeah, I guess." I said. "well... uh... I have to go talk to... um... my math teacher. I'll see you in first period!" 

"Ok!" Delia said as I shut my locker and hurried away. I had to find Claire. 

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