Love, Delilah

Sophia Smith feels lost in the world. Ordinary. Common. A copy. Every week she writes a letter to an imaginary person she made up, Delilah. Delilah is everything she's ever wanted to be. When she letters get stolen, she panics and looks everywhere to find them. Then, two days later she receives letters from someone claiming to be her Delilah answering every single letter. Her life immediately changes as she searches for Delilah, as well as herself.


7. Response

"Who are you?! Give me back my letters please, they're personal and you have no right to take them. 


I stuffed the folded piece of paper between two branches of the tree and slid down the trunk. I began heading home when my phone began buzzing. I checked to see who was calling. It was Claire.

"Hey." I said. 

"Guess what?!" She said eagerly. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Uriah rejected Iris!" She said happily. "It sounds like karma." 

"Really?" I suddenly felt happier. "I just dropped off my response letter into the tree." 

"Ooh, that's good." She said. "I gotta go, so bye!" 

"Bye!" I said.

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