Love, Delilah

Sophia Smith feels lost in the world. Ordinary. Common. A copy. Every week she writes a letter to an imaginary person she made up, Delilah. Delilah is everything she's ever wanted to be. When she letters get stolen, she panics and looks everywhere to find them. Then, two days later she receives letters from someone claiming to be her Delilah answering every single letter. Her life immediately changes as she searches for Delilah, as well as herself.


3. Gone

It was the 4th week of school, and the trees were still covered with green leaves. I was at my locker packing up my stuff when Claire Mendez, my best friend ran up to me. My parents got divorced when I was in 5th grade, and it was Friday, the day where I went to stay at my Mom's house. That meant that I had an extremely precious thing in my backpack- the box with my Delilah Diary. 

"Can you go to the square today?" She asked eagerly. The square was literally a giant square in downtown. Around the perimeter were shops and cafes that we went door to door shopping and eating. "Uriah's gonna be there...." She added with a sly smile, knowing that would easily convince me. I grinned. 

"I'm in." 


"Ooh the new jewelry store opened!" Iris Gicora said excitedly pointing across the square. I was with Claire, Iris Gicora, Penny White, Pete Daniels, Marcus Howards and Delia Lev. We had just come out of Starbucks, and were heading over to Cifford's Candy Shop (where Uriah was with a few of his friends, so I was trying to hurry everyone so that maybe we could bump into them) when Iris had noticed a new store. 

"Omigod, YES!" Penny White said. "We NEED to go!" 

"But what about Clifford's...?" I said pointing next door where I could see Uriah through the glass of the window. 

"We ALWAYS go to Clifford's!" Delia whined. I glanced over at Claire who was looking at me with a sympathetic look. I sighed. 

"Ok, let's go." I said. As we walked down the square, I glanced back at the candy store's window, just as Uriah looked up to spot us. I quickly looked down and felt my face turn pink. Marcus, who was pretty good friends with Uriah waved. 

"Guys?" Marcus said and we all looked over at him. "I'm gonna go with them... jewelry shopping doesn't really interest me that much." 

"Ugh come on! Please come!" Pete begged him. "I need to get something for Sylvia, our 3 month anniversary was a few days ago and I've been avoiding her!" Pete had an on and off going relationship with Sylvia Williams, who had quite a temper. I'm surprised he's survived this long with her. 

"I really don't want to go." Marcus said glancing at the store. "We can stop by on our way home, but I'm not a fan of jewelry shopping." 

"Fine." Pete said and walked towards Marcus, and then turned around. "Do any of you guys want to come with u-" 

"I'll come too." I said quickly. I looked over at Claire. 

"Oh yeah- me too." She said. 

Okayyy..." Delia said. "Let's meet at the ice-cream parlor in like 20 minutes." 

"Sounds good." Pete said, and we turned and started walking to the candy store, right as Uriah stepped out. I felt a flock of butterflies went off in my stomach. Ok, so heres the thing: I've never actually really had a conversation with Uriah. Once in the 3rd grade he asked to borrow a pen, and in the 7th I sat next to him in math for a semester. We talked a little then- but only about math. He doesn't even know my name. When he sat next to me, he kept calling me Sarah, which he still thinks is my name. But maybe today would be my lucky day. As we walked towards him, my phone rang. I unzipped my backpack and grabbed it, and as I did, an opened bag of crushed chips fell out. I guess I didn't close it after lunch. I felt my face grow flushed as I bent down to grab it.

Then, I saw it. A pigeon. The next thing I knew, about 4 were flying at me and pecking at me. I dropped my backpack and ran down the square. Marcus, Pete and Claire tried to chase me to help get the pigeons away, but were having a hard time doing so why hysterically laughing. I ran around the whole square while more and more pigeons flew after me. Finally, through her giggles Claire managed to yell, 

"Drop the bag!" I did, and the pigeons abruptly stopped and landed to go munch on the chips. I slowed down, panting. My hair was a mess, my legs ached, and a crowd of people were watching my whole performance. Claire ran up to me and comforted me as I felt tears in my eyes. 

"I can't believe that happened." I said as the crowd started to vanish. I looked over to where Uriah was, and he was staring at me. I looked down. 

"I'm sorry I laughed..." Claire said. 

"It's fine, I probably would have if I saw that happen." I said with a small smile. I walked over to where my backpack was, ignoring Pete and Marcus as they recounted the whole thing with precise details. 

"-and they attacked your hair and it was everywhere! Everyone was looking and-" 

"-I thought I saw one poop on you, so did-" 

"-Clark caught it on camera, I'm pretty sure it's on snapchat-" 

"Oh my god!" I said as the panic began to rise. 

"What?" Pete said, and stopped talking. 

"M-my b-b-backpack is gone!" I said and I scanned around to look for it. 

"Oh how tragic, you're not gonna be able to do your homework." Marcus rolled his eyes. 

"You dropped your phone when you were running, Marcus picked it up." Pete said handing it over to me. "No cracks."  I looked over to Claire, the only person who knew about my Delilah Diary. 

"My diary..." I said, barely managing to make out the words. "I-it w-was in th-there!" 

A/N: I know this chapter is a loooootttt longer than my usual chapters, but there was so much to talk about. I hope you don't mind!


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