Stand Tall

This poem is to show that even when I have my ups and downs, I'm still able to stand tall.
I hope you enjoy!
- - -



1. Stand Tall

This was actually an Instagram post I posted last year. I deleted the post but I have the caption saved. A lot of people were saying that I copy and pasted it, but I really I didn't. This is what I wrote. I hope it'll make you feel inspired that you can't give your enemy the satisfaction that you have given up truly. You have to stay strong and fight until the end. Enjoy!



All you see is an outgoing, smart-with-the-mouth, nasty attitude, acts tough, isn't a push-over girl.
I show you a heads-up, stand-straight kind of style. A personality that almost all girls would love to have.
I give you a daring, doesn't-care-what-you-think look that you'd probably wish you could do.
But what I don't let you see is the hurt and the pain that I feel deep inside.
I don't show you the endless nights that I cry myself to sleep.
I don't give you the want, the craving to just scream out how I TRULY feel.
And I don't allow it to consume my life on the other side of the door. The other life that the curtains cover from you.

But please, don't let this be a chance for you to use this as a reason to pull me down.

Because I am a fighter.

I can cry my eyes out and still beat you to the ground.
I can still tie you down even when I'm at my weakest point.
All I'm saying is even when I'm at my darkest, weakest moments, does not mean I'm not capable of being strong. And wise.
Don't use that as an advantage to tear me apart.
Because I manage to pull myself back together while you are still trying to break me.



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