The Tough Decision (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

"Cameron put me through hell for 3 years but I still stayed with him, thinking everything will be okay and he'll change but I was wrong. It just got worse. I'm such an idiot," I sniffled. "Don't blame yourself," Justin said gently as he continues to hug me. " I going to be okay?" I asked. "Yes you're going to be okay. I'm right here and you're safe...with me," ~When Jess' seemingly perfect relationship with her on-again-off-again boyfriend of 3 years turns abusive and dangerous, she turns to Justin Bieber who has been her enemy since kindergarten. Soon she is confused about how she feels about the both of them and has to make a tough decision on who she should stay with. Who will she pick?~


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Jess’ POV



I continue to stand on the sidewalk by the brick wall as I watch Cameron speed out of the school parking lot in his Range Rover and on to the street, driving away. Ugh! I can’t believe him. I never knew he could be such a jerk. I mean, we’ve argued like this before but he’s never gotten “violent” with me. He’s never laid a hand on me like that so I don’t know what made him do something like that tonight. Eh, he’ll get over it tomorrow and apologize. I sniffle and wipe my eyes along with tears that remained on my cheeks before taking out my phone to call my mom to see if she can pick me up since boyfriend couldn’t do that. I dial her number but she doesn’t answer so I put my phone back and decide to go back to the field to see if anyone from my squad is still there so they can take me home.


I wince after I feel the slight sharp pain in my back as I start walking but I ignore it and continue making my way over to the field. Mostly everyone is gone except for a few of the girls on my squad. They’re making out with their boyfriends on the bleachers like always. Usually they would go behind the bleachers and do their thing but I guess they were too impatient to walk 10 feet. I sigh and I look around some more until I finally find Olivia and Ryan standing by the girl’s locker room door flirting away like they always do. They have a thing for each other and it’s been going on for quite some time now. They’ve liked each other since 7th grade but Ryan just never has the guts to ask her out. He better hurry up because Olivia could end up getting a boyfriend before he has the chance and I don’t want to see him crushed. When it seemed like forever, they finally notice me standing there making Lauren blush with embarrassment.

“H-Hey…I thought you left already with Cameron,” she said.


“We got into an argument so he left,” I replied. 


“Again?” she sighed.


I nod and she lets out another sigh with frustration. Ever since I started dating Cameron, she’s always disliked him because she thinks that he’s not good for me and I deserve someone better, which is not true. He is the right guy for me and I don’t deserve some better than him. I would have dumped him for good by now if he wasn’t the right guy for me. No one seems to understand that I’m in love. Yeah I’m young by who cares? Cameron and I don’t. We may get into arguments but that’s what lovers do. We end up making up afterwards so it’s not that big of a deal.


“Okay. Do you want me and my mom to take you home or is your mom coming?” she asked.


“I tried calling her but she didn’t answer. I guess she took my sister to her tumbling class and didn’t hear her phone ring,”


“Alright. Let's go. My mom is waiting in the parking lot,”


“Where’s Gianna?” I asked her.


“She left. So did Justin and Chaz,”


I nod and then she tells Ryan goodbye and I do the same. Then, she goes into the locker room to get her stuff, which takes her about a few minutes. We walk into the parking lot to her car and just like she said, her mom was waiting for us. As I got into the car, I say hi to her mother and soon we were off. Like usual Lauren and I were jamming to the radio, turning it up when our favorite songs came on and dancing in our seats. We’re weird but we don’t care. When we arrive at my house, Lauren's mom drives up the driveway and then I thank her before getting out. I adjust my backpack on my shoulder and walk inside finding my mom and my little sister Kaleigh in the living room watching The Lion King, which is one of Kaleigh’s favorite movies next to Beauty and the Beast.


“Hey. How was the game?” my mom asked when she saw me walk into the room.


“Good. We won,” I replied.


“That’s great,” she smiled. “Did Cameron bring you home?”


“No, Olivia and her mom dropped me off. Cameron had to go out for pizza with his team,” I said, obviously lying.


I didn’t want to tell my mom that he and I got into a heated argument leading him to pushing me against a brick wall, almost hurting me, because she would freak out. She doesn’t really like Cameron that much as it is and I don’t want her to lose all of her respect for him if I told her exactly what happened. I also didn’t want Kaleigh to butt in and ask questions since she’s a curious little 6-year-old.


“Oh well then. I hope to see him tomorrow then,” my mom and goes back to watching the movie.


“Jessie! Jessie! I finally got my back hand sprang. Soon I’ll be a cheerleader just like you!” Kaleigh said excitedly.


I smile and go over to give her a hug. Ever since she was able to walk, she’s always looked up to me. When I used to do competitive cheer, Kaleigh used to come to all of my competitions and practices because she wanted to learn how to be a cheerleader just like me. Once she got a little older, my mom signed her up for tumbling classes so she can learn some skills before trying out for one of the kid teams. They let every little kid that tries out on a squad but if she has good tumbling skills then she can be on a higher level, which is her goal.


“That’s great, Kay. I’m proud of you,” I exclaimed happily.


“Mommy videoed it. Do you want to see?” she asked.


“I’ll watch it tomorrow. I’m a little tired from school and the football game,” I said.


“Okay,” she said, sighing a little.


I feel a little bad for telling her no but I’m really tired and I don’t want to wake up tomorrow for school tired. This is why I wish we had football games on Fridays and not on Thursdays.


“Yeah. You do look tired, Jess. Just take your shower and go to bed,” my mom said.


I nod and begin going up the stairs.


“Did you do your homework?” I hear my mom shout from the other room.


“Yes! I did it at school before the game,” I called back.


Even though my mom is busy with work and driving Kaleigh around, she still makes sure I’m getting good grades and doing well in school. Even though she was a teenage mother she’s still a really good mother and really responsible. She’s been raising Kaleigh and I on her own ever since my dad apparently died in Iraq. The last time I saw him I was about 10 years old and Kaleigh was just a baby so she doesn’t remember him much. He came home one day to see Kaleigh and I and then a few days later, he was gone again but he never came back. From what my mom told me she said that he went missing in Iraq and they couldn’t find him so they declared him dead. Even though I didn’t really understand what she meant I was still sad about my dad being gone.


But I ended up getting over it. Since then, I’ve become a lot more responsible and helpful. Due to my dad being gone my mom decided to work longer to make more money to raise the 3 of us so whenever she’s working I have to get Kaleigh off the bus after she’s done school, help her with her homework, give her dinner, and put her to bed. I don’t have to take her to tumbling classes thankfully because my mom gets off of work early on those days and I don’t have a car to drive. It’s hard “raising” my sister but I’ve been getting used to it. I’ve helping out with her since I was 13 so it’s not as bad as it seems. She can be “trouble” and a little mischief sometimes but I still love my baby sister to death. She’s like mini me. When I got to my bedroom, I shut my door and set my backpack down before going into my bathroom to shower.


I wash my hair, making sure to get all of the hairspray that I used to keep my hair in place for the game, all out and wash off my makeup. Then I get out and dry myself off before going back into my bedroom to get ready for bed. I tie my hair up into messy bun, put on comfortable clothing, and crawl into my warm bed. I decide to watch some TV before going to sleep but once I grabbed my remote, I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. I think I know who that is. I pick it up and I sigh when I notice that it was Cameron. It’s probably another one of his apology texts. Whenever we get into an argument, he’ll either text or call me to apologize. I mean its sweet but usually after he apologizes we end up fighting again.


From: Cameron

I’m sorry for what I did, Baby. I didn’t mean to get mad or push you after the game. I was just out of line again. Please forgive me. I love you.


I sigh and begin texting him back.


To: Cameron

I know, I love you too and it’s okay. You didn’t hurt me and I also thought about what you said. You were absolutely right; I did look like a slut.


From: Cameron

Hey stop no you didn’t. I told you I didn’t mean that. You looked beautiful today. You always do even when you’re not dressed in your cheer uniform with your hair and makeup done.


I smile after his text. He can be so sweet sometimes.


To: Cameron

Do you mean it?


From: Cameron

Of course I mean it! I love you and you know that.


To: Cameron

OMG sorry…I knew you meant it. I was just making sure.


From: Cameron

It’s okay, Baby. Okay I’ll let you go to sleep. See you tomorrow. I love you xx.


I smile at his text and put it back on the charger and lay back down in my bed watching Family Guy on the TV. When it seemed like forever, my eyes got heavy and I slowly fell right to sleep.





I awake in the morning to the sound of my alarm going off. I softly groan and turn over to my nightstand, grabbing my phone and shutting off the alarm before laying back down and trying to go back to sleep. Ugh. Why does school have to start so early? It should be illegal for kids to wake up at 6:30 AM. Even though it’s Friday, I still don’t want to go to school. I’m exhausted. I barely got any sleep all week since I’ve been sick for 3 days and on top of that I’ve been completing my makeup work, which were due today. I also had phone conversations with Cameron while I was out because he can’t live a whole day without talking me 24/7. But I can’t complain because that’s what happens when you’re in a serious relationship.


“Jess! You’re going to be late for school,” I hear my mom say.

I groan and put my head under my pillow. Usually it isn’t that hard for her to get me out of bed but it is today.


“No,” I groaned.


“Jess, don’t start. Get up,” she sighed.


I hear her walk out of my room, shutting my door and I let out a sigh with frustration. I’m seriously not in the mood to go to school today but I know I have to go. After a few minutes of lying in bed, I finally manage to get up. I get dressed and then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair and makeup. When I was done, I slip on my Vans and grab my backpack before making my way downstairs. I find my mom in the kitchen and Kaleigh is sitting at the kitchen counter eating her breakfast. I decide to have something to eat and then we leave once I finished.


The ride to school was kind of quiet except for the radio softly playing some song from my mom’s phone. Whenever she’s driving, I’m not allowed to play my music. It doesn’t really bother me because I like most of the music that my mom listened to when she was my age. After 20 minutes or so, my mom finally pulls into the parking lot of my school and parks by the front doors. Already people are walking in with their friends talking amongst themselves. I’m sure my friends are already inside waiting for me by my locker and Cameron is waiting by our “secret” spot to apologize to me again about his attitude last night like he always does.


“Have a good day,” my mom said sweetly.


“Thanks. I’ll try,” I replied. “I don’t have cheer practice after school so I’ll see you when I get home,”


“Okay. I’m probably going to be home around 4 today so you don’t need to cook dinner tonight,”


I nod and she kisses my cheek.


“Bye Jessie!” Kaleigh said from the backseat.


“Bye, Kay. Have a good day at school,” I smiled and get out of the car, walking inside my school.


Like usual, there are people running around in the hallways, friends talking by their lockers, and couples making out in the corners. Like chill, you’re only going to class not going on a long vacation. Thankfully Cameron and I aren’t like that. I make it to my locker and my right away my heart flutters out of my chest when I find Cameron standing there with a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear. I smile when I see Cameron waiting for me and he immediately pulls me in for a deep kiss before handing me my roses and teddy bear. Even though we get into fights sometimes, he’s still very romantic. I just don’t know why he has to spoil me like that. Him being my boyfriend is enough but I guess he doesn’t really see that.


“For you my lady,” he said with cute smile on his face.


“Thank you,” I smiled.


“I was going to buy you some more jewelry but then I realized I gave you enough of that so I decided to get you flowers instead,”


“That’s okay. I’m glad you didn’t spend all your money on something,” I replied.


He smiles and pulls me in for another kiss.


“I love spoiling my girl. That’s my job,”


“I know you do,”


I’m being serious, he always spoils me like this after we have an argument. Last time when we had an argument, we “broke up” for a day and after we sorted things out, he surprised me with a Tiffany diamond necklace. I remember I almost freaked out for spending so much money on me, but I still accepted the gift and made a promise that I will only wear it on our special dates. If wear it to school or anywhere else, then it might get broken or I might lose it so to keep it safe, I keep it in the box in my underwear drawer. If my mom found out that I got something like that from my 17-year-old boyfriend, then she’ll freak out. I put in the combination for my locker and open it up, putting my books that I didn’t need in there and close it. Before I could even turn around, Cameron gently turns me around and pins me against the lockers before leaning in to kiss me passionately. After a few minutes I eventually pull away and he looks at me all confused.


“What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Nothing,” I replied.


“C’mon! You’re not still mad about last night, are you?” he asked, rolling his eyes.

“No. I forgave you already and I’m over it,” I exclaimed. “Look, I’ll see you later. I have to go to homeroom,”


“Ugh, fuck homeroom!” he snarled. “Come here and kiss me,”


I scoff and shake my head what is up with him today?


“What is wrong with you?”


“Nothing! I just want to make out with my girlfriend, is that okay?” he said, raising his voice.


“No it’s not okay because you’re being an ass right now,”


I adjust my bag and then I put my roses and teddy bear into my locker so I wouldn’t have to carry them around all day.

“I’m sorry,” Cameron mumbled as I shut my locker.


“It’s fine. I’ll see you later,” I said. “I love you,”


“I love you too,” he replied.


I stand up on my tip toes to give him a kiss and then I begin walking to my homeroom but then I feel him tap my ass, making gasp and turn around.




“Couldn’t help myself, your ass looks good in those leggings,” he shrugged.


I sigh and shake my head and make my way down the hall. I love him but he can be so perverted. I finally make it to homeroom and I find Chaz, Ryan, and Gianna sitting in their desks talking amongst themselves. I go over and join them and then we had to quiet down so the teacher can take attendance. After a few minutes, the bell rings and we were able to go to our first period class. While Ryan went off to his geometry class, Chaz, Gianna and I walked to our biology class. My favorite. Just kidding. We walk into the room and sit down in our usual spots, in the back of the room so we can text each other during class.


“Alright, take your seats,” my teacher, Mr. Hill said as he walks into the room right as the second bell rung.


We all do and then he walks up to the front of the room to begin teaching.


“Now, you all know that sophomores in bio have to do a project instead of a final exam right?” he asked us.


“Yeah,” we all replied.


“Since it’s worth 20% of your final grade, I want you all to work hard on this and don’t start on it a week or 2 days before it’s due,” he said. “Okay. I usually don’t like doing this but you will be working in pairs…. that I will assign,”


We softly groan with frustration. Just great. Every time our teachers let us pick our partners, I usually pair up with one of my friends but I can’t this time. Hopefully I don’t have to work with some geek. He grabs his attendance sheet and starts assigning our partners.


“Jess Carter, you will be paired up with Justin Bieber,” Mr. Hill said when he reached my name.


“Good luck,” Gianna joked as she nudged me.


I roll my eyes and I look at the front of the room finding Justin in his usual seat. He turns around and gives me a smirk before turning back around. Just great. I have to work with my enemy since kindergarten. Since Justin and I are working together for this project, I really hope he takes this seriously and doesn’t joke around because if he does then I’m just putting my name on the project and he’ll just get an F. I know that’s mean but that’s just me.


“And Gianna Matthews, you will be working with Chaz,” Mr. Hill continued.


“Ewww!” she quietly gasped.


“Good luck,” I joked as I nudge her just like she did to me.


“Shut up!” she hissed.


Chaz looks over at her with a creepy smirk on his face before thrusting a little in his seat, making her cringe with disgust. He always jokes about having “sex” with her whenever it’s just the two of them hanging out. He knows he’s turning her off but he doesn’t care.


“Chaz, chill,” I laughed.


“Sorry,” he laughed back.


After Mr. Hill goes through the list, pairing everyone up, he lets us go discuss some things with our partners.


“See you in a few,” I said to Gianna.


“Can we switch partners?” she asked.


“I wish,” I sighed and go over to where Justin is sitting.


Just as I sat down in the desk beside him he gives me another smirk.


“Hey partner,”


“Hi. Okay, since this project is 20% of OUR final grade I hope you don’t joke around with me because if you do, I will do all of the work and only put my name on the paper. Is that clear?” I explained in a stern tone.


“Geez what’s up your ass?” he scoffed.


“You didn’t answer my question,” I shot back.


“You didn’t answer mine either,”


I sigh and roll my eyes. I can’t believe I’m working with this kid. We don’t even get along at all. Well, we do sometimes but mostly we’re always arguing over stupid things.


“Fine. Nothing is up my ass, I just want you to take this seriously,”


“Okay, we’re clear,”


“Good,” I said. “So where do you to work on this today?”


He gives me a bewildered look.




“Where do you want to work on this today? We can work at either my house, your house, or the library,”


“Wait…you want to start on this today?” he asked.


I nod.


“Mr. Hill said we have to work hard on this and can’t start on it a week or 2 days before it’s due,”


“Finals are not until June, Jess. It’s September,” Justin exclaimed.


“But it’s good to start things beforehand and be prepared,” I replied.


He sighs and fixes his mop of hair. That hair always attracted a lot of girls here at this school but it doesn’t really fascinate Lauren, Gianna, or me. 


“Fine. I guess we’ll work on it at your house then,” he suggested.


“Fine. I don’t have cheer practice today so be at my house by 3 and you better not be late,” I said.


“Okay. We’ll do,”


I stand up and begin to walk back to my desk but Justin grabs my wrist, gently spinning me around.


“Will your boyfriend be over whenever we’re working on this stupid thing?” he asked.


“No, he won’t. He’ll just distract me and he doesn’t need to know that we’re paired up. So this is between you and me,” I replied.


“Alrighty. Thanks Blondie,”


“Don’t call me that!” I snarled and walk back to my seat.


Ugh. He’s so annoying. How am I going to put up with him for a few months of doing this stupid project? Why couldn’t Mr. Hill assign us this in like April or something? I finally make it back to my seat and sit down next to Gianna.


“How did it go with Chaz?” I asked her.


“Awful. Like usual,” she replied. “What about you and Justin?”


“Alright I guess. He’s coming over my house so we can start working on it. I don’t want to stress over it until it’s close to being due,”


“Good thinking. Chaz doesn’t want to start working on it until April but I don’t care what he says. I’m starting on it tomorrow,”

I laugh. She just loves to torture him. After a few minutes, Mr. Hill settles us down again and begins teaching for the rest of the class time. I sit there for 30 minutes listening to him ramble on about chromosomes. I always hated biology. When it seemed like forever, the bell finally rings and I literally pack up my stuff so I can hurry out of there and go to my next class.


“See ya Jess,” Chaz said and gives Gianna another creepy smirk. “Bye Gia,”


“You’re so lucky you don’t have to work with him,” she said.


“I’d rather work with him instead of Justin,” I laughed.


“Same,” she sighed. “He’s so creepy,”


“Chaz likes you but he’s too immature to admit it,”


She snorts and rolls her eyes.


“Doubt it,”


I giggle again and link my arm with hers like we’re in 2nd grade all over again.


“Let’s go,”



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