The Tough Decision (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

"Cameron put me through hell for 3 years but I still stayed with him, thinking everything will be okay and he'll change but I was wrong. It just got worse. I'm such an idiot," I sniffled. "Don't blame yourself," Justin said gently as he continues to hug me. " I going to be okay?" I asked. "Yes you're going to be okay. I'm right here and you're safe...with me," ~When Jess' seemingly perfect relationship with her on-again-off-again boyfriend of 3 years turns abusive and dangerous, she turns to Justin Bieber who has been her enemy since kindergarten. Soon she is confused about how she feels about the both of them and has to make a tough decision on who she should stay with. Who will she pick?~


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Jess’s POV



“JESS!” Ryan and Chaz shouted excitedly in the middle of the hallway with happiness as they attack me with hugs.


“Hey guys,” I laughed and hug them back.


It’s Thursday morning and I’m returning to school after being sick for 3 days. The whole time I was absent, Ryan and Chaz have been missing me desperately and to be honest I’ve missed them too. It feels good to be back at school because I get to see my two best friends again and I no longer have to lie in bed all day with nothing to do. As you can see, I’m pretty close with Ryan and Chaz. They’re like my brothers. We’ve been best friends since preschool and we’ve gotten closer since then.


“So, how was school and the weekend without me?” I asked as we make our way down the hall.


"Boring!” they replied in unison.


I laugh and wrap my arms around them. They missed me all right. I could be absent for one day and they will text me nonstop saying that they miss me. They’re the only boys in my grade that I can tolerate because most of them are immature and weird.


“I was sick for 3 days,”


“3 days is too long for us. You know how we can’t live without you, JJ,” Ryan exclaimed.


‘JJ’ is a nickname that Ryan gave me in 5th grade. Since I hung around with them for so long, he wanted to give me a boyish nickname because I was a pretty big tomboy. I was even a cheerleader then as well but whenever I wasn’t at practice or cheering at football games, I was outside getting dirty. I’ve outgrown the stage once I got into middle school but that didn’t stop me from hanging around them.


“Oh Ry. I missed you too but I’m sure you guys were fine without me. It’s not like I was gone for a month,” I laughed and we continue down the hall. 


I have to go to my locker to get my things for class and I also promised my boyfriend Cameron that I would meet him there. I haven’t seen him for 3 days either due to me being sick so obviously he wants to see me.


“So…where are we heading to?” Chaz asked.


“To my locker,” I replied.


“Aww is Cameron is waiting for you?” he teased.  


I laugh and lightly tap him over the head. He always likes to tease me about Cameron but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I’m used to it now.


“No,” I said bluntly, obviously lying. “I just have to get stuff for class,”


“Sure,” Ryan joked. “See you in homeroom Jess,” 


I laugh and watch them walk away. They always love to joke around with me like that. I mean that’s what best friends are for. What would I ever do without them? I make it to my locker and after I put in my combination, I open it but suddenly a boxing glove attached to a spring inside my locker comes flying out and hits me in the face. Wasn’t expecting that.


“Ow,” I groaned.


I sigh with frustration and reach inside my locker to take the spring off and throw it on the floor. I don’t even have to ask who did this. I know that it was the one and only Justin Bieber because he’s the only person in his school that would pull some stupid prank on me. I mean it’s nothing new because he’s been pulling these pranks on me since we were little and I’m getting tired of it.


As you can see, I’ve been dealing with him since we were kids. Our mom’s had us at 18 and since my mom has been really good friends with his mom Pattie since they were 12, Justin and I basically grew up together. Every thing was fine between us but when preschool came along, he started to get a little mischievous so I tried to stay away from him. But sadly, I couldn’t. I had to face him almost every day at school and on the weekends at one of our classmate's birthday parties or whenever Pattie and my mom hung out.


Then on the first day of Kindergarten, I thought I was finally going to get away from him for a while but he ended up being in my class and had to tag along with Ryan, Chaz, and me, which is how the three of them became close as well even though they were my friends first. My hatred for him got to the point where I lost my temper on him. It happened at my 6th birthday party after he embarrassed me and ruined my dayHe thought it would be funny to push my face into my Princess Belle cake as I blew out my candles and by taking the middle piece since that part of the cake is my favorite. But no, it wasn’t funny. He just made me cry and throw a fit. After that, while I was playing in the backyard with my old friends, he and his group of friends decided to squirt us with water guns, ruining my hair and dress.


So I finally put my foot down and gave him a taste of his own medicine by "beating" him up. The two us ended up getting in trouble. Ever since that day, we haven’t gotten along. Our mothers tried to get us to but nothing worked. I've been stuck with Justin almost my entire life and there’s no way to escape. We’re in our 2nd year of high school so we have 2 more years until I can finally get away. Hopefully it goes by fast. Suddenly, I jump with surprise when I feel someone poke my sides and I turn around finding Justin standing there with a smirk on his face like he always does whenever his pranks go successfully.


“Gotcha!” he laughed.


“Yeah, good one,” I said sarcastically and throw the spring away.


“Awww, come on Jess, I was just playing around,” he smirked and tries to wrap his arm around me but I push him off.


“It wasn’t funny,” I exclaimed.


He laughs and playfully rolls his eyes.


“Geez. I was just kidding. Chill. God you’re so sensitive,”


“Well, you’ve been doing this way too much now so if you don’t mind, I would like to have some space,” I exclaimed and get some of books out of my locker.


“Okay, sorry,” he replied, rolling his eyes again.


I put my books into my bag and then I start to fix my hair in my little mirror. Today is the school’s football game and I’m one of the cheerleaders on the cheer squad so I have to look presentable. It’s one of our rules that our team captain made up so we have to follow it or else we’ll be benched during the game. It’s ridiculous but rules are rules.


“Why are you still standing here?” I asked Justin when I see his reflection in my mirror.


“Uh…I also wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out with us after the game. Ryan told me to ask you,” he said.


“I don’t know. I’ll see what Cameron wants to do,” I sighed.


He sighs and rolls his eyes.


“Everything is always up to him now,” he mumbled. “I’ll see you later,”


He walks away, making me sigh with relief. He can be so annoying. Once I was done with fixing my hair I notice Cameron, my sexy boyfriend, coming up to me. He’s on the school football team and the star running back. We’ve been together since I was in 7th grade and it all started in study hall. It was a few days after school started again and I was in study hall, sitting by myself because none of my friends were in there with me. I was doing my homework and then someone passed me a note that came from one of the boys at the back of the room. I thought it was a joke at first but instead I opened the letter and read it.


Again, I thought it was a joke that the 8th graders were pulling because that's what the popular athletes did to girls, but I thought wrong after class ended. Cameron was waiting for me out in the hall and he asked me out to go out for pizza with him and his friends after the football game. I said yes and after that night, we've been together ever since. He was my first boyfriend, the first guy I’ve ever went out with and I don't think I want to be with anyone else but him. When Cameron approaches me, I close my locker and he immediately gives me a hug before I reach up on my tip toes to give him a kiss. I missed him more than anything, it sucked how I couldn’t see him but I didn’t want to get him sick with the stomach flu, that would be horrible since the football team can’t play without him.


“I’m so glad you’re back, Baby,” he said and kisses me again.


“I missed you too,” I smiled.


“So anyways…I tried to call you earlier, what were you doing?” he asked.


“Oh I know sorry. I was getting ready for the day and the volume on my phone was off so that’s why I didn’t pick up,” I said.


He frowns and he lets me out of his grip.


“Is there something you’re not telling me?” he asked sternly.


I frown and give him a look. Here he goes again! For the past 3 years of being together, Cameron’s behavior has kind of changed. At first he was very sweet, gentle, and romantic but then after a year he started to get jealous and controlling and that made me break up with him a few times. But now I just deal with it because I love him and I don’t want to let him go.


“What? No! I’m not hiding anything from you…honest,” I replied.


“You know I told you a bunch of times to keep your phone with you and leave the volume on at all times, right?”


“Yes but-“


“But what?” he demanded, cutting me off.


“I can’t always have my phone with me at all times. I told you that too, remember?” I exclaimed.


“Whatever,” he sighed. “Are you still on for tonight after the game?”


“Yeah of course. Would you mind if Justin and my friends tagged along?” I asked. “Justin asked me if I wanted to hang out with them tonight but I told him that I have to see what you thought of it first,”


“Tell him that I said no because we have plans,” he replied. “You can see your friends some other time,”


“Come on. You haven’t hung out with us in a while,” I complained.


And it’s true, he hasn’t. When we first got together he would hang with me and my friends or we would go out with his group of friends. But now we don’t do that anymore. All he wants to do is spend time alone with me and no one else. When we don’t have plans, that’s when I can hang with my friends except that doesn’t always happen very often because we always have plans. He’ll even make plans with us last minute even if I already made some with my friends. They even complained about it, but I would never listen to them. Cameron is my boyfriend, so I have to put him first.


“I just want to be with you, Baby,” he said gently before pulling me into him.


“I know but you need to remember that I have to see my friends once and a while. They’re kind of getting annoyed with how I never see them anymore,”


“You can always see them. They just need to accept that you’re in a happy committed relationship and we have to put each other first,” he exclaimed.


Suddenly the first bell rings, which means we have a few minutes until homeroom. I sigh, and he leans down to give me a kiss.


“I love you, I’ll see you later,” he mumbled.


“I love you too,” I replied and then we parted ways.





School went by and now it’s time for the football game. It’s now half time, 5 minutes into starting the 3rd quarter. All the home and away bleachers are filled up with fans and there are also tons of people in line at the snack bars or standing around the field watching the away team’s cheerleaders do their half time routine. My squad already did ours so now I'm in line at the snack stand with my best friends Olivia and Gianna since we have time to get something before the game starts up again.


The 3 of us have been best friends since 3rd grade because we were in the same tumbling class. We didn't go to the same school then since they went to a catholic school but in the fall of 7th grade, they transferred here. We were literally so excited to see other because we went from seeing each other twice a week or on the weekends to every day. We've gotten even closer ever since.


"Did you hear that Jenna got kicked off the squad yesterday after coach found out that she got arrested for a DUI last week?" Gianna asked Olivia and I.


"Yeah, I heard," I replied.


"Same. It's all around school," Olivia added.


"This is like her second time getting kicked off. You think they're going to let her back in?" Gianna said.


"I doubt it. She should have gotten kicked off for good the first time after she got caught smoking pot outside of the school last year," Olivia said.


“I’m sure the principal won’t let Coach Quinn let her back on,” I said.


“I agree with you,” Gianna sighed and then she goes up to the counter to order what she wants.


After she pays, I go up to order a blue Gatorade and a soft pretzel and then I go over to the side and wait for Olivia. A few seconds later, she comes over with a water, a bag of Doritos, and a bag of Sour Patch Kids. She’s going to get sugared up after eating that, like she always does. Then, we begin to go on the track to sit with the rest of our squad but we notice Ryan waving us over to him, Chaz, and Justin. We walk over to them and just as Chaz saw our snacks he looked like he was about to cry or something.


“Really? You didn’t bother to get me anything?” he whined.


“Sorry, we didn’t know you guys were here,” I said.


He sighs and takes his wallet out of his pocket. God, he can be so immature but I love him at the same time.


“Fine, then I’m going to get one myself,” he said and turns over to Gianna and gives her flirty look. “Wanna come with me, Gia?”


“No thanks and don’t call me Gia either,” she replied giving him a disgusted look.


“Come on, it will be quick,” he said and pulls her behind him.


She turns around and mouths ‘kill me!’ to Olivia and I and then she turns back around. Chaz always had a big crush on her but sadly, she doesn’t like him back and he doesn’t seem to care about it. He told her that he wouldn’t leave her alone until she goes on a date with him but she just keeps rejecting him. We always feel so bad for him but we know one day that she’ll give in.


They come back a minute later and I can tell by the look on Gianna’s face that Chaz made her mad again while they were in line at the snack bar because she has her usual pissed off look on her face and her lips are pressed together. Chaz smirks at her and then goes over to Ryan and whispers something to him. A few seconds later, Ryan slaps his arm, making Chaz almost drop his Gatorade.


“You’re such a douche, Chaz,” Ryan sighed.


He doesn't say anything and just eats his soft pretzel. It's obvious he said something inappropriate to Gianna, which made her mad, and told Ryan about it, thinking he would find it funny. I don't even want to know what he said because it's probably disgusting. 


“Well, we better go find a spot on the bleachers before all the crazy, 7th and 8th graders take them all,” Ryan said.


“Okay, see you,” I said.


“Bye, Gia,” Chaz smiled at her.


“Come on,” Ryan sighed while pulling him behind him.


Justin gives me a slight smile while giving me a slight wave and I do the same before he walks away into the big crowd of people. He hasn’t said a word to me this entire time we’ve been standing here. I guess he just didn’t want to say anything because he thought I wasn’t going to be polite to him. I have to admit I actually feel kind of bad when I disrespect him. I know he’s trying to be my friend by being funny but some of his jokes are just not funny to me. Yeah, there are times when we get along but most of the time we don’t. Sometimes I wish we could just sort things out because I really want him to be my friend again. If only he didn't act so immature around me. 


“Jess, come on!” Gianna said, pulling me behind her.


“Oh…okay,” I replied.


I throw out my trash and then we walk out onto the mat that is lying on the track, around the field. Once the game started again, everyone on our side starts cheering and waving their terrible towels. They also follow along with us cheerleaders while we do our chants like they always do at every home game. We score a few more touchdowns in this quarter but by the time we got into the 4th quarter, we were losing by 2 points but we ended up intercepting the ball so everyone that is on our side got excited for us.


Our team and the other line up on the field and once the ball was hiked, the ball was thrown to Cameron and he catches it and he sprints down the field to the end zone. In just 10 seconds left, he scores the touchdown and then we kick the field goal, winning the game! Everyone on our side is going crazy because we won and while our team celebrates their victory, Gianna, Olivia, and I walk off the field to see Ryan, Chaz, and Justin waiting for us by the fence like they always do after the games.


“Another great game,” Ryan said.


“Yeah,” the 3 of us agreed.


We talk for a little while and then I had to go meet Cameron by the locker room like always because he takes me home after the games. I wait for a few minutes and then he comes walking out with his best friend Kyle.


"Hey Jess," Kyle said once he saw me.


"Hey, good game," I smiled.


"Thanks," he replied. "You look good in your cheer uniform by the way. It looks nice on you. Cameron is lucky to have cute girl like you. You should wear skirts like that more often,"


"Aww thank you,"


"Walk away Kyle before I kick your ass," Cameron said sharply.


Okay, that was weird. I mean he has gotten jealous whenever a guy complimented me but he has never threatened to beat someone up. All he would do was give the guys dirty looks and then he would complain about it once we were in private and it always led us into arguments. We’ve been together for 3 years and after a year we’ve been on and off over nothing. When we first got together, he was all loving and sweet but he slowly changed once we got pretty serious. Last month, I broke up with him because he flipped out at a guy in my geometry class. All the guy was doing was getting extra notes from me since he missed school the day before.


Cameron thought I was cheating on him for the guy. Ever since that day he tried to win me back until I finally gave in after he gave me necklace and roses at my locker. We’ve “broken” up other times but he ends up getting me back. The cycle just keeps going on. Kyle sighs after hearing what Cameron said and puts his bag on shoulder and tells us goodbye before walking away. Once he walked away, I look at Cameron with a dirty look on my face. After our fight last month I was hoping that he was going to clean up his act but I guess I was wrong.


“What’s that face for?” he asked.


“You didn’t have shout at Kyle like that. He was just being nice," I said.


"I didn't like how he was complimenting you. I had to say something," he exclaimed.


“No you didn’t. You could have just ignored it like a normal human being,”


He sighs and shakes his head.


"Look. I can’t drive you home tonight. See you tomorrow,”


He puts his bag over his shoulder and begins walking away. I frown. What's his deal tonight?


“Cameron!” I call.


I begin to follow him, continuing to call his name but he doesn't stop. Well, that’s nothing new. Whenever he’s mad he always gives me the silent treatment until he fully calms down. Usually I leave him alone but for some reason I can’t seem to do that right now.


“Cameron! Wait…please talk to-“


He spins around and before I had a chance to finish my sentence, he grabs me and shoves me against the brick wall and I let out a small cry of pain. I widen my eyes with fear as my heart pounds against my ribs as he towers over me, his face a few inches away from mine. What is going on? This is so weird. He’s never done this to me before. He’s lost his temper but has never laid a hand on me until now.


“You want to talk? Fine! Talk!” he gritted.


“Why are you yelling at me?” I mumbled, without answering his question as tears starting to fill up in my eyes.


“Look at you, Jess!” he shouted pointing at my cheer uniform.


I look down at uniform and I start to get confused. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. I have a long sleeved crop top underneath my cheer vest so I'm not showing off my chest and I have spandex under my skirt. Mostly every thing on my body is covered except for my legs so I don't know why he's getting so mad.


“What’s wrong with my uniform?”


“You’re showing your ass off in front of everybody in your fucking cheer skirt like you always do! Is that how much you care about me? Huh?”


I slowly shake my head, feeling my heart pound against my ribs and tears running down my cheeks. How am I showing my ass off when I have spandex underneath my skirt? I seriously don’t know why he’s acting like this. He has made a big deal about my outfits before but he hasn’t gotten that pissed off about it. Even though he can be controlling, he can still be a very loving boyfriend and that’s what I miss at the moment.


“Then pull down the skirt. You look like a slut. I'm tired of other guys, especially my teammates, looking at you and admiring your body all the time,” he said.


“But Cameron-“


“Shut up and listen to me!” he shouted. “I told you this before, nobody else cares about you and nobody else wants you. Because you’re mine! You got that?”


I quickly nod.


“Good,” he muttered.


He picks back up his bag and then walks out into the parking lot to his car. My heart is still pounding very fast and tears are still streaming down my face. Does this usually happen to a controlling boyfriend? I watch him pull out of the parking lot and then on the street, speeding off. I sniffle and wipe the tears on my cheeks.


“But I don’t want anyone else,” I mumbled but he didn’t hear me, he just kept on walking out to the parking lot to his car leaving me here alone on the sidewalk. 



Author's Note: 


I hope this was okay, please review if you liked it. This is a story I wrote back in 2012 on the JustinBieberFanfiction plus website (It's been reposted on the website back in 2015 because I got a new account) and just recently, I decided to post it on here as well because I really wanted to give it a try. I got the inspiration for writing this story after watching a movie called "No One Would Tell" in my high school English class. The movie starred Candace Cameron (who now goes by Candace Cameron Bure) and Fred Savage as the main characters. The concept of this story is similar to the movie but I promise you, the basis is not. If you want to watch the movie, it's available for free on YouTube. 

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