The Little Girl

The Little Girl's Origins - Hidden away in a crawlspace lies her memories, fractured, damaged, no longer in use. A tall man once visited her when all the lights were off. Windows barricaded, outside people screaming for their loved ones. Curtains were closed always, she never had a moment where she could ask about the outside world. For the outside world was a journey inside her own mind.


3. CH. 3

Parasites from the depths of a sunken mind that burrows through all the wiring. Every vein connects to a lump of flesh; solid fossilised bones stagger upwards through the shadows. Unlike other parasites who spread diseases, the creatures lure their hosts into a steel-like cage that is full of toxins. The strength as it holds a host in place, the victims cannot escape through metal. Their own structure full of fluids, a primary substance that these creatures leech off their host. Entangled in a snare of nightmares yet to come, a monster from the shadows awakens the spine twisted transformation of a sweet innocent little girl.


Sleepy Head – 1956

“Remembrance is a long-lost treasure that I had formed behind my own brain cells. Her face innocent enough, trapped in darkness with the shadows that haunt her. Their eyes were a formation of gifted love, a cherished heart is what holds them together. I replaced the thread that was once used to mend their minds. My sufferable needle did not hold back on piercing, my eyes widened; full of hatred and despair, I let go of the one precious thing in my life. A creature weaved through nightmares. She was innocent enough; their smile was quite the opposite.”

Fractured, broken in many pieces, the sluggish beings carried their worthlessness to the brim of darkness. Eyes blinded by the entanglement of a lost soul, work was starting to look good. A friend of her fathers watched as the shadows crept by past the ticking hours. Nobody knew that throughout the darkest core was birth like no other; a twisted female figurine emptying her heart out to creatures she loved. Her father held the translucent cocoon weaved by the shadow with eight legs. If one was unfortunate enough to be taken away, the silence was unnerving. This hybrid arachnid was more than just a creature.

The work being done in the dusty railway station was her father’s tragic words that had fallen on all the enslaved beings. What started off as a payment of appreciation held back the creature that thirsted itself for the blinking lights. Eye-like formations within the walls itself, nobody questioned the nightmare fuel at every turn. Blinded by their own worlds, their own minds; the imagination of a thousand orphans. The shadows twisted around every bone in a human’s body. Unfortunate beings would become a twisted treeline of flesh and bone. Every angle it would carve out a new appendage. Fingers would stretch to unimaginable sizes, shapes, and even twisting as the mind turns its gears.

“Ever have the feeling you are being watched?” The Little Girl’s father once spoke.

“Sometimes I feel that the moon is watching over us, the sun just melts away the reality that we all hide behind. Happiness.” He spoke again, almost like he knew the other one was thinking.

It’s tragic what happened back there, the silence after the disappearances was instant. There was no sign of life, I didn’t see anyone at all. It was like waking up from a bad dream, a nightmare. But the worst part of all this is that nobody knows what it was that crawls on the walls.”

“Not true, I saw children gathering round the victims. I am sure that it was a child that lifted the other workers into the darkness above.” His other side was more truthful.

“That’s impossible. Children can’t walk on walls, I saw little hands holding onto their clothing. I’m certain there were tiny claws staggering out of tiny bodies.” He could not continue speaking with a transparent version of himself for much longer.

“Whatever it was back there, I’m afraid that it died a long time ago…” His final words to himself were haunting; a shadow of doubt in his mind may tell a different story.


Father’s Home Improvements – Present Night

That dreadful radio had not shut off on its own, the static continued to carry voices to her tiny ears. The Little Girl could not speak, her words would not come out. To her left a room with a dying radio, to her right a shadow of a young girl sitting in silence behind a mirror. Her eyes moved to the middle; a figurine standing tall carved by man. This gift was created by her father, it was given as an apology for everything that happened between her mother and him. This figurine blended as it faded back to the corner of the room every time she closed her eyes. As she looked down towards the lower torso, she could see an imprint of her father’s words; I’m sorry, Sara. These were the words she remembered seeing on her bedroom walls a few nights back.

Trembling in fear, her heart wished to stop, her mind corrupted by the shadows. Sara closed her eyes many times to send it back to sender. She turned her head towards the left of the room to see her mother standing in place with a frozen smile. Sara’s face started to turn pale as the puppet had moved to her bedside; she blinked as it had moved its arm towards her ankles. She stayed in place, frozen like the smile on her mother’s face. Eyes full of tears waiting to burst through, her eyelids like beavers blocking water with a dam.

“Sara? Wake up honey, I didn’t mean to disturb you just now. It’s about your mother, she is sick.” Her father’s words awoke her mind, but the room remained the same throughout transition.

“I-I had a bad dream. It was about you…” she looked to her left to see her father standing in a pool of blood left behind by her dying mother. “And, it was about m-other.” She could not say the words, they would not come out.

“About me? Maybe you just see me as someone who hasn’t really done a whole lot for you. Doubting me? I think that’s more of the reason why you are afraid of your own father.” He shook his head in disagreement, he could not accept that he was a bad father figure.

“Sometimes I’m there for you, sometimes I’m not. I can’t be here for you every time you have a god-damn nightmare! Your mother is sick, very sick, and I expect you to take care of her while I’m at work. Do I make myself clear?” His attitude towards Sara did not end well, her heart sunk deeper as the grouchy man left her room without a sound.

Sara’s poor excuse of a bed rocked to the left as she reached for the puppet’s price tag threaded into its neck. Her hands almost grasped it as the figurine slapped each hand away from itself. She started to feel sick as her mother was being dragged away to the left of her. That mirror from the right side of the room was no longer hiding a young girl, an elderly woman sat in silence with the wallpaper curling downwards to the darkness below.

Sara closed her eyes again; the figurine had returned to the corner of the room with a blanket over itself. As she moved her head towards the left of the room, her eyes shut tight; she could see the same young girl that once sat in silence on the right side of her room. Her body looking drained, face drooped to the right side with her eye glossy in a translucent dome shape. Looking to her left were the children asking for their gifts back. This awoken her as the figurine had appeared again, this time standing above her looking down at a pale face. Its carved-out eye sockets full of an inner void, its carved expression was changing throughout the minutes.

It spoke for the first time to her memory; its voice slow, with a whisper carried by the whistling winds outside. “Hello, I want to go home now. Back to bed, mother misses me.” Sara jumped out of her skin, shaking uncontrollably; she froze in place once more. Its long arms stretched out as its human-like hands grabbed her by the wrist. “It’s time to say goodnight now, I miss you.” A giggle shook around in her mind, it bounced off every wall that didn’t exist. “Mother misses me.” It would not stop talking, its words were starting to feel like an instrument. “I miss you. Can we go outside?” Its expression changed to a more aggressive looking face; eye sockets widening in size. Its mouth held open revealing bone-like teeth.

Sara jumped out of bed as her feet landed on the floor. Her heart racing, her skin curling in a wave-like motion. Her hair looking less beautiful by the minute, it now looked as if she had been shocked by an electrical device. The moment she landed was when she witnessed her father against the wall with tubes going through every opening. The wall pushed inwards as if was breathing in the air within the room. Sara reached for her father’s hand as the figurine pulled her back towards her bed. In fear she closed her eyes yet again, looking behind her was an adult figure grasping onto her ankles. As she looked in front of her she could now see a wall with a gaping hole in it; dried blood stains left on the dying wallpaper.

“I haven’t seen you yet, Sara. Come on, I know you are hiding something from me.” The voice behind her sounded familiar, but it was neither her father or mother’s voice.

“No, I don’t want to go!” Sara screamed as she clawed into the floor.

“Come on, we don’t have all day. There is something I want to show you.” She kicked the hands off her shaking around the floor lifting herself up.

Sara awoken to a different voice, it had been one that she thought she would never hear again. “Sara, it’s time to get up. Father is sick, I’m afraid we may have to look after him.” She opened her eyes wider than before, her mouth feeling dry as if she had been sleeping the whole time. Looking up she could see her big brother looking down on her with a smile. Her heart started to calm down a little, mind feeling like a snow globe that had been shaken many times before.

“You don’t make this easy for us, Sara. I mean come on sis, it’s not everyday our own father is sick. Sometimes I wish I could be sick, I wouldn’t have to go to work again. Believe me, it’s harder than you think.” His voice sounding concerned yet agitated by something.

She yawned as her big brother gave her a hug. “I don’t remember sleeping, was it all just a dream?”

“Yes. Now stay awake, there isn’t much time until I have to go back to work.” Her brother walked out of the room not long before throwing some old clothes at her.

Sara laughed, she thought it was funny as it reminded her of the fun they used to have together. Standing up from her bedsit, she went outside the room into bright lights that almost blinded her. Sitting unnerved was her brother around the breakfast table without their mother or father in sight.

“So, what are we having for breakfast?” Sara asked, her stomach had never stopped grumbling.

Her brother smiled, he looked confused. “Not sure what you mean by breakfast. It’s afternoon, you overslept.”

Sara groaned, she was annoyed by her brother’s words. “No, I didn’t sleep at all. I would have remembered that.”

He nodded his head in response, shaking it in denial of her disbelief. “You didn’t wake up when I tried to call you earlier, so I had to come down here with the spare set of keys.”

She bit her bottom lip, disgusted that her brother has entered their home without asking. “Why are you here? You know mom and dad don’t want you here.”

Looking around the room, her brother revealed several scars on his left arm as he pulled up his long sleeve. “This is what happens when you listen to them. They hate us, sis. They made me want to jump off a bridge, and I don’t mean that in a funny way.”

Sara gasped, her mouth held open from seeing her brother’s scars. “You never told me about these before. Why would you show me now?” Sara looked at him raising her left eyebrow.

“It’s not easy showing this to you, I had to take several rehearsals trying to perform this in front of you.” He sighed. “I practiced with a mirror trying to imagine what you would say if you saw these scars. Never mind who they were from, I was more afraid of telling you about them.”

Sara stood up as she walked towards the refrigerator; her eyes wanted to close again. The lack of sleep that she had gotten from being alone in her room was more than enough to make her faint. As she opened the refrigerator door, she could feel the cold air breathing on her. Reaching towards a carton of milk, her big brother was no longer in the room to her surprise. From what she could see was nothing more than her brother’s chair on the floor with its legs in the air.

“Bro? Are you playing hide and seek again? Do you really think now is the time for that? This is not a game, bro. You show me scars and you expect me to have fun?” Sara called out.

There was no answer. Her eyes closed one more as she had forgotten about her brother in the blink of an eye.

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