The Bad Boy's Broken Feelings

"What are you doing to me?" Archer yelled at me walking towards me. I instantly backed away from him carefully.

"I-I'm not doing anything Archer," I said stuttering a bit. I was scared as he walked closer to me again. I took another step backward but hit a wall. Archer then continued walking towards me and put his hands on either side of my head.

"You're making me feel these fucking things!" He hissed. "Make it stop!"

My eyes widen and he slammed his hand on the wall next to my face. I got startled and looked into his stormy blue eyes. He stared back at me and to my surprise, he relaxed a bit.

"You do so many things to me I..." He stopped himself as his eyes traveled down to my lips. I suck in a breath. My heart was gonna jump out of my chest any minute. He still looked at my lips, his lips parted.


"Stay away from me." He said sternly cutting me off. He walks away from me leaving me speechless.


what do you think this path will lead to? Find out.


2. Bully

 WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?! SHIT! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?! I looked around me but there was nowhere to go. I looked at Archer who was walking closer to me and I was too scared to move. My heart was racing and was beating fast, my legs started to move on their own and before I knew it I was running. I ran for my life but I heard some footsteps behind me. So, I ran faster but the footsteps sounded closer and louder. I was about to turn left but someone grabbed my waist and slammed me against their hard chest. I let out a gasp and my eyes grew big. 

My heart was beating fast and it felt like it was gonna jump out of my chest. My mouth was wide open and I was frozen.

"Missed me?" Someone whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine. Archer turned me around to face him properly. 

"Did you miss me?!!" His voice grew louder. I got startled and started shaking. 

"Y-yes." I stuttered and looked into his eyes. They flashed red and his nostrils flared.

"Don't stare at me while we're talking! Got that?!" he yelled at me. 

I only nodded and looked down at the ground. I felt his cold-hearted eyes staring me down. "Now, let's get back to the real reason why I came back." I could feel his smirk when he talks.

"A-Archer can you just-"

"No, shut the fuck up I'm talking!" He said cutting me off, "You're not allowed to talk while I'm talking."

I nodded again not saying anything. Archer is too scary to talk to. One wrong word from your mouth and he could possibly kill you. Archer scares me sometimes but since he's always been bullying me I felt like I became stronger.

"How about I let you go." He said, "Do you think I should let you go?" 

I looked up a bit to see if he was lying on letting me go. "I-I think you should-"

"No!" He hollered, "I'm not letting you go! I'll make your life a living hell! I don't give a fuck if you start getting depressed because I feed on your sadness!" 

My mouth was open and I looked back down a the ground. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I don't even know why he's bullying me. There's always a reason for people to bully others. Why me? Why make me a target? I need answers!

"Why do you hate me so much?" I said as my voice cracks. He grips on my shoulders tighten. I hissed in pain when his nails dug deep in my skin. 

"I hate you because you did something to me that I'll never forget!" He growled, I felt the tears coming but I refused t cry. His nails dug deeper into my skin and the tears came back again. I let the tears slide down my cheeks. 

"I will never forget what you did to me. You ruined my life and I'm gonna do the same to you." He hissed, "You'll lose your sanity and all your hope. You'll never be happy again."

I was shocked and speechless, I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. My tears started to come out more and more like a waterfall. Before I knew it he left and I stood there all alone and sad. Hoping a god out there would save me from this bully. 












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