The Fragile Girl's Story

What if it was too late to save someone's life? What if that someone has left a journal behind, for the reasons of why she has left?


4. 3

~~30th March…
My mind is hurting with the hate… full of the hate that the ‘popular group’ has said to me. Even the nerd group bullies me. Which in my opinion, and probably everyone else’s right mind would think that they wouldn’t give two flying shits about you or even your situation. Guess that’s another opinion flying out of the list… I’ll tell you what happened… I was sitting alone, eating, as I usually everyday. And today was a little different… Instead of the popular group coming up to me… it was the nerd group… what is happening? I don’t even remember disturbing them… well I did accidentally bump into one of the nerd girls when I went out of the toilet. Before I know it.. my lunch was on the ground, food is scattered around me, and I was on the ground too… Smudges of food already stick to my shirt. And the kicking began.  This went for the whole lunch time until the bell rang for class. I think it’s time to go for class… but I don’t bother to attend class and run into the bathrooms not caring if I bump into people. I am already despised as much. If I attended one of the classes, the teachers wont stop lecturing me. Being late, not being able to pay attention in class… The little things that could be easily passed from my emotional state. But I do know that’s not an excuse.

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