The Fragile Girl's Story

What if it was too late to save someone's life? What if that someone has left a journal behind, for the reasons of why she has left?


2. 1

~~The fragile girl was running down the hallway, crying from the people who were mean to HER. She ran into the bathroom and locked herself in one of the stalls. She took out the sharp silver object tightly in her hand… and rewinds every single painful memory that she has stored for this moment. She has reasons, every boy would ask her out but then they will leave her the next day. She would have friends for one day but then later in the week, they would soon turn into her frenemies… Be called names such as bitch, slut, whore or even call her a piece of shit due to not being pretty enough. Why live this kind of life, when you can just end it all?
She raises the silver object, just touching her neck. She hesitates for a minute… Does she really want to do this? Is it possible to change her ways and live a happy life? No… nothing is going to stop her now. Her family are now high in the skies, not worrying about anything but each other. She wants to join them… She doesn’t want be on the earth no more…
Then her screams echo throughout the empty halls of the school, students are startled in their seats hearing such a broken hearted scream. The silver object clatters to the already blood stained tiled floor as her body slumps down. Her open eyes are brimmed with tears that slowly glistens a trail down her cheek. Her mouth is slightly open but nothing would be able to undo which she has done.

Hurried footsteps enter the bathroom, as the girl looks at the locked stall. She asked the Fragile girl if she was alright as moments ago she was bullied to the point when it was too much. No answer replied to her concerned words. So she has no choice but kick down the door. And there… Slumped slightly against the far wall, was the Fragile girl… in a puddle of red that drips down slowly from her neck to the floor. The silver object lies next to the girl, slightly glistening in the light.
The girl screamed as a waterfall of tears cascade down her cheeks. It was her fault. She didn’t arrive in time to save this beautiful precious girl. More people have arrived to see what has happened and stood in their places to see that the girl that they have bullied moments ago is now a lifeless person.

Why? Is the question in most people’s minds. But the main question is from the bullies themselves, Why did I bully her to the point where she would end her life? 

The paramedics arrive but it was too late to save the Fragile girl now. Silence could be heard throughout the school as the news spread like a wildfire. The jagged breaths of everyone was the only sounds that break the silence. Then the girl who found the Fragile girl, saw a notebook labelled The Sadness Journal. She read it out loud to everyone, especially to those who have bullied this poor girl.

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