A young boys life if hard as many things stand in front of him. not giving much more away.


2. Nightmare begins

              He stared at the blood coming from his finger than at the knife. He grasped it in his hands "they won't take me away there just bad guys like in the movies." He opened the cubbert to see the man had his head in one. He walked up to the man and raised the knife in the air his hand started going down with as much force as possible. But was stopped halfway there the other man had come in.(going back to the kids pov) The man's eyes were opened wide with shock I didn't understand why the man looked shocked. He wrestled the knife out of my hand and picked me up the other man looked like he didn't know why his friend was shocked. He sat me in a seat in another car that grandma wasn't. I looked at my finger again it still was bleeding and it still hurt the blood got on my shirt. I waited for a while and then the man got in the car with me and the other sat in the back with me. He grabbed my hand and looked at my finger and put and bandage on it. I was confused about everything why were they shocked they were the bad guys they know the good guys will fight back right... They drove for a while I was bored they were no fun. We drove to a large building that had lots of people who wore white coats they walked in and out of the buildings I kinda wondered who they were. The men both got out the one went and talked to a lady and the other waited outside. The lady walked up to the door of the car I was at she crouched down and started talking to me. "Hey there sweety my name is Amy im going to take you from here ok," she said kindly to me. I shook my head yes and stepped out of the car then she took my hand and said something to the men then lead me to a smaller building. She took me into a room that looked like a doctors office she lifted me up and put me on the table. A man with glasses and a doctors coat came in the nurse looked scared and shocked then she started talking scaredly at the man. "Dr.Joseph I thought you were put in the asylum," she said her eyes filled with fear. He said nothing to her his eyes seemed crazed he walked up to her and grabbed her throat with both hands and strangled her until she didn't move. I was scared I didn't know what to do I was frozen with fear. He walked up to me and smiled then grabbed my arm. I tried to wiggle free but he had a strong grip on my arm. I was about to scream but he covered my mouth with a rag. Then he pulled something out his pocket. It was a large needle with a weird liquid in it he was getting ready to put it in my arm but he stopped and said something in my ear "you're the winner." He pulled my arm out and put the needle into my arm. I struggled to get away my eyes filled with tears as I wanted to scream out but couldn't because of the rag. He took the needle out of my arm then looked me in my tear-filled eyes. He smiled "perfect now let us go ok." He said then picked me up and put me on his back but I didn't feel like having a piggyback ride I felt sick after that shot. And it didn't help that he was running. He ran till we reached a truck then he put me right in the back of it I was so confused but I didn't want to say anything to him because he looked scarry. I feel really tired I think I might just slee...p.

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