A young boys life if hard as many things stand in front of him. not giving much more away.


3. Nightmare begins part 2

We had driven for a while till we reached a cabin in the middle of the woods. I had just woken up and the man was walking over to my door. He opened it and picked me up and brought me inside the house. He sat me in a chair in the kitchen and crouched down and looked at my arm. Then he stood up and looked at me "are you hungry kid" he said his green eyes focused on me. I shook my head yes not sure if I should talk or not my mommy always told me not to talk to strangers. He put something on the stove but then glanced back at me then he went into a room. He came back out and came up to me then he handed me a bear. I took the stuffed animal out of his hands and hugged it tightly. The man smiled and went back to cooking whatever it was in the pot. He cooked for a while till he poured it into bowls then he put bread and cheese in a pan. Then I knew what he was making it was grilled cheese and tomato soup which made me happy I love that stuff. I aight all of my food then the man picked me up and put me in a room and sat me in a bed when he left the room and it sounded lick he locked the door. I wanted Grandma she read me stories I thought to myself wanting nothing more than to be in my own room.


                                                                        (5 years later)


                                                                           (*DR pov*)


"Try it again don't let back this time you must make your hit deadly!" I yelled at the boy. He was teaching Ziek how to use a knife and how to kill with it. "I don't know if I can Dr." Ziek panted to me. Verry well take a break my boy I said rubbing my hand through his raven black hair Zieks one eye had changed to an orange collar after the injection of my best project. To be honest I didn't target him but any kid I could get my hands on he thought to himself. But it did work out perfectly him being an orphan and all it was perfect He also thought. "I'll make us something to eat ok," I said to him with a smile.


                                                                             (*Zieks pov*)

We had been working on my knife skills for a while it sounded good to be able to eat something. I walked into our cabin and sat in my chair looking at my knife. The Dr. handed me some soup. The only thing I know him by is Dr. he never said his real name to me I think I heard it a long time ago. But I cant remember it because it was five years ago. I drank the soup from my glass bowl it was beef vegetable. I finished and looked at the Dr. who was putting on a coat "Im going out Ziek ill be back soon ill bring you a treat ok" he said to me as he walked out the door. "What should I do while im waiting," I said to myself a little bored. Then an idea popped into my head I could check out whats in the Dr.s room. I went to his door but it was locked so I pulled my knife out and started picking the lock till I heard the click. I opened it up and saw chemistry stuff and syringes that he gives me every day and then I saw a book that looked like his journal. I sat down and started reading it.

                                                              (time skip two hours later)


         The Dr. walked back into the building I was still in his room. My eyes opened with shock and sadness it turned out I wasn't the first kid he had ever taken but the tenth he had gone too far with his test on the kids and they died. "He is no better than a murderer," I said to myself angry and sad. I heard his footsteps and I grasped my knife tightly in my hand. "I will end this before he can kill me," I said to myself as I got into an attack position. "Ziek we must go the police are on to u...." he didn't get to finish I stabbed him in the gut. Then he grabbed my arm and stabbed a needle into my arm. "My last gift" the Dr. smiled then fell to the ground with a thump. My hands were covered with his blood my shirt was stained with it. My head started spinning and then the world went black.

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