A young boys life if hard as many things stand in front of him. not giving much more away.


1. Funarel


 Ziek eyes filled with tears his grandmother laid her hand on his shoulder. He stared at his parent's graves slight disbelief in his eyes. "Let's go home sweety it looks like its gonna rain," his grandmother said looking down at him. Her green eyes shown great compassion to him. His deep blue eyes filled with more tears as he looked up at his grandmother. "Why did they have to go why did they leave me," he said putting his head into his grandmother. She hugged him then got down on her knees to face him. "Sometimes things like this happen and we cant help our selves," She said looking into his eyes. "That's what happen to them sweety they didn't want to leave you they loved you so much" she stood up and rubbed her hand through his raven black hair. "So they wouldn't want me to be sad would they," he asked looking up at his Grandmother. "No they wouldn't want you to be sad forever they would want you to move on," she said her eyes full of love and tenderness. "But I can be sad now right," he said looking at there graves. His grandmother looked at him and nodded.


                                                      (time skip to a couple of hours later)


    The people who had come to my parents Funeral were at our house I don't want to talk to them I want to sit here and be alone. He thought to himself as he sat at the top of the stairs. He sat for about an hour when he heard some people talking. **Im telling you what nancy this pore old lady won't be able to take care of a five-year-old I know it would break her heart to watch him go to an orphanage but she too old for a young child like this." His eyes opened wide with fear knowing they were talking about him. "They cant take me away from my grandmother they cant" he cried to himself. Till he stood up and ran downstairs his eyes filled with tears he pushed through the ladies that were talking about him and his grandma. He ran to his Grandmother hugging her tight "I don't ever want to leave you ever." His Grandmother drew him into her lap and hugged him tightly "shhhh I got you." 



                                                                     (two days later)


 It had been two days since the funeral Ziek sat at the table drawing his mom. He looked at his grandmother's eyes still filled with grief and sadness. "Look I drew mommy so we will never forget her and next ill draw daddy so we won't forget him," he said a little smile on his face. His grandmother smiled big and tears ran down her face she went and hugged him tightly as if she would never let go. "that's  wonderful dear so wonderful" she cried into his shoulder. "Grandma mommy and daddy wouldn't want you to be sad forever either." His grandmother looked him in the eye "your right they wouldn't."  It had been a couple of hours later Ziek was eating chicken nuggets till he heard a knock his grandma was upstairs and couldn't hear it so he got up and walked to the door. He opened it and looked up and saw two men dressed in suits. One of the men looked down to me then crouched down to my hight. "Hello little boy is your Grandma home," he said looking at me. I shook my head yes in reply and then stared at the man I had an off feeling about him. I looked behind him and saw the ladies from yesterday and a couple of the neighbors. I was confused why was so many people here. The man looked me in the eye "can you go get her please" he said to me in a gentle voice. I shook my head yes and ran up the stairs to where she was.  She had been washing laundry when I got up there. I tapped on her back she turned around quickly "whats up sweaty." I glanced up at her "there are some men here to see you" I said looking up at her. "oh ok well ill go down then" she said putting her laundry down and walked down the stairs. I followed her but once she got to the door I kept my distance. She talked to the men I couldn't quite make out what tho. My grandma looked upset than angry and scared at the same time.  Then I made out one word my grandma said: "you cant take him from me please." My eyes widen with fear these men were going to try to take me away from my grandmother. Then one of the men pushed passed my Grandma and the other grabbed her and put her in a car. Then the man who had pushed past her started walking toward me. I stood up and ran into the kitchen and ducked into a cubbert. I knew it would be soon when he found me I looked around the cubbert and saw something. I went and picked it up it looked kinda like my toy knife. I touched the pointy end with my finger but moved my finger off fast it pricked me and it hurt. Tears filled my eyes I wanted to cry so badly but then another idea went into my mind I could use it to fight back the bad man like in movies.

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