My eyes

My Eyes will just be a spot for me to output creativity. i will write about random thoughts that i get and think about throughout the day.


1. My eyes

        Many say that the eyes act as the window to the soul, I believe this to be true but in the opposite manner. You can't see the soul by looking into someones eyes but instead if you can see the world through someone else's eyes, only than can you truly judge someones soul.

How you see the world around you is everything. How you see the interactions of people around you, how you see your relationships, This will show you who you are.


When you see someone struggling in life what do you feel? Do you feel pity for there troubles, Do you feel pride for your own accomplishments, or... do you feel guilt that you can't help them out of their struggles. 


When you walk down the street do you walk with meaning, or do you only walk to get around? When you walk do you take the quickest route or do you walk for the scenery. When you walk do you drag your feet through the day or... do you split the earth with your heels.


When you simply talk to people what is your purpose for being there? Are you there to only brag about what you've done? Are you there just for something to do? Or... are you there to bring happiness to anybody you can? 



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