Dares and Dramma

People get called into a room, people’s lives will change.


2. Dare One

Good morning everyone, give me your wands!

I will curse you if you don’t do the dare or harm me.

The first dare is for Ginny and Draco:

Make out on the sofa. COME ON!

Draco: Woah calm down.

Ginny: Lets get it over with.

They make out.

They both seem like they don’t want to stop.

Harry: Get off of her.

Me: Oh SHUT UP! Yes I can be as mean as Voldemort. Crucio! Ha!

Me: You two can stop now! EWWW! Stop! Actually don’t, it’s making Potter squirm.

Draco: Ginny, I love you!

Ginny: Potter, consider yourself dumped!

Me: Oh sweet, sweet torture.

I go to bed with a wide grin across my face.

Me: Everyone to bed, come on, you two split.

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