Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


11. Tommy's POV

The next few weeks are the same until I realize it’s nearly our 12 month anniversary. I go into the bathroom upstairs for my trusty blade and hide it in the bathroom downstairs. I’m hoping no one will find it in there. I have not stopped cutting since the day before Addy left. I feel like I’m losing him. I just cut deeper and move onto my hips that day.

The morning of our anniversary I am awoken by my phone ringing, it’s Adam wishing me a happy anniversary and he misses me so much. He talks me into going to a club that night with my sister. I reluctantly agree to go.

Further into the day the doorbell rings and I open it to see Sauli standing there. I am shocked and ask him what he wants as Adam is mine and I won’t give him up without a fight. I have been through far too much with Addy to lose him on our anniversary. Sauli calms me down by saying I am not here to get Adam back, I’m here to stay with you for a week. To keep you company while Adam is away. I know you are miserable without him as he was also when they were together.

We get organised to go to the club, I walk out with one of Adams shirts on and my necklace he gave me out so everyone can see I’m taken.

We walk to the club as it’s not very far from where Adam and I live. Once we get there I see my sister in a booth looking out for me. I wave at her and she is surprised to see Sauli with me. When we walk over there Sauli goes to the bar to get drinks for us. My sister hisses at me to see why he is here with me. After all it being Adams and my anniversary. I tell her he is here to keep me company. She has that look on her face that says I don’t trust him. After a while Sauli comes back with 3 beers for us. I finish my beer than head off to the bathroom.

We stay for a bit until my phone rings and Adams face flashes on the screen. I pick it up and say “hey babe I miss you so much”. He then asks me to go outside so I do and when I walk out the doors I see Adam leaning against a pole outside looking his usual gorgeous self. I jump into his arms and kiss him all over his face, I pull away to ask “what are you doing here. I have missed you so much”. Adam laughs at my surprised face. I pull him into me again and just breathe in his scent that I have missed for the past 2 months. I lean up to give him another kiss which soon turns heated as we haven’t seen each other for 2 months. I was going to deepen the kiss until the doors open and Sauli and my sister walk out looking for me. I jump out of his arms feeling awkward as Adams ex-boyfriend just saw us kissing. I mumble to my sister that I am going home as I’m embarrassed that, that happened. Adam pulls me into his arms again while he is greeting Sauli. Adam looks at me and says lets go home. Sauli decides to stay a bit longer to give us some privacy. On the way home Adam asks why sauli is here. I tell him the truth that I think it’s to get him back; I deep down think he still loves Adam. Adam stops us from walking any further and looks me deep into my eyes and saying “I only love you no one else; I don’t love sauli anymore he is in the past and only a friend”. Once we get home and the door is shut Adam slams me against the door and captures my lips in his. It soon becomes heated and I feel Adam pull my shirt off and mumble against my lips that his shirt looks better on me than it does on him.

One thing leads to another and I find myself upstairs with our clothes thrown off all the way up to our room.

I end up on our bed with him and then he ends up fucking me in the mattress at least 3 times that night. We fall asleep only to be woken up a couple of hours later by the doorbell. I drag myself down stairs with Adam behind me; we put clothes on to open the door to see Sauli there. Sauli says that he forgot he doesn’t have keys anymore. Adam grumbles that he won’t ever have one again as this is Tommy’s and my house now not his I smirk to myself when I see all of our clothes strewn about the stairs and the entryway. Knowing that Sauli had seen them as well. It gives me great satisfaction known that Adam chose me. That he makes loves to me nearly every night. We get back into bed and Adam pulls me into his arms and mumbles “goodnight I love you so much “. I mumble it back and realise that this is what I was craving and missing whilst Adam was away.

 The next morning I woke up to Adam pressing tender kisses into my neck, when he got to my sweet spot I let out a moan as he sucked a big purple spot on top off it. I roll over in his arms and kiss his lips and whisper “I love you so much thank you for coming home and surprising me, I loved it”. Adam kisses me back then whisper “I couldn’t not spend some of our anniversary with you”.

I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since we got together. I realize I don’t have a present for him; I get up to shower so I can go and get him something. Just as I was about to close the door Adam pushes it open again. He walks in to get in the shower then he pulls me in. I just rest my head on his strong chest as I can never get enough of his chest. Not only is it strong but its lean and gorgeous as well. I turn my head and press kisses to his nipple. I slowly make my way lower and lower down his stomach. I get to his V line then the tip of his length which is hard already. I grab his length in my hand and start to stroke it. He lets out a moan just as I take it in my mouth. I just keep sucking it and moving my hand up and down until he says to me that he is close. Just before he reached his high he pulled me up for a kiss which he was moaning into as he reached his high. He looks at me with a blank face and I think that I did something wrong.

Tears start to pool in my eyes and I go to get out of the shower only to feel a hand pull me back. I can’t look at him, I feel ashamed. I just wanted to please him like he did for me so many times but it was a wasted effort. I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to do what Adam does. He puts a finger under my chin to gently pull it up so I’m looking at him he then wipes away my tears with his thumb and leans down to give me a sweet kiss that doesn’t turn heated, it just stays sweet and loving. He puts all his love into that kiss. He looks at me when we break apart then says “don’t be ashamed you were great for your first time. I have never had better”.

I get out of the shower and dress in my skinny jeans and one of Addy’s t-shirts. I grab my wallet keys and phone to head downstairs where Adam went to fix breakfast.

 He hears me walk in and looks up from what he was doing. He gives me a strange look then asks “where are you off too, I want to spend the day together”?  I go up and give him a kiss then say “I’m heading out to the mall to get you a present as I don’t have an anniversary present.” He pulls me into his chest again then says “just having me by his side is enough for him, with an added bonus of what happened in the shower” he winks at me as he says the last part. I start to blush until he pulls me in for a kiss. I deepen the kiss as I can’t get enough of him and don’t know when he is leaving to go back on tour. We pull apart when we hear someone clear their throat. Adam turns to look where it came from to see a shirtless Sauli with only boxes on. Adam gives him a hard glare just as he puts my head into his neck so I can’t see Sauli. Adam says to him “what the hell do you think you are doing walking around my house like that when my boyfriend is living here now as well”. Sauli turns around to go back upstairs as Adam is cold glaring him the whole time. As he walks out Adam gently pulls my head up so I can look at him, he says to me “I’m sorry I don’t know what he is playing at when he knows we are together and nothing will tear us apart”. I look at him then say “I was shocked when he turned up yesterday”.

Adam lets go of me mumbling that “he needs to go and see what the hell he is playing at. Just as he is about to leave the room he turns to me and says “don’t leave for the mall yet as I want to go with you”. He blows me a kiss then turns and walks away.

It was about 15 minutes later he walks back in all dressed and ready to go to the mall. He grabs my hand and pulls me out to his car.


After we get back from the mall I go up to have a bath after Adam locks himself in his office stating he has some paper work to take care off. I was in the bath for about 10 minutes when Addy walks in to see if I’m ok as he didn’t know where I was. I tell him I’m fine just relaxing. I let the water out of the bath and hop out, I can feel his eyes on my body as I’m drying myself, I turn to see him smiling at me. I ask “do you like what you see”. He grabs the towel out of my hand after I have dried so I can’t cover myself up with it. He then grabs my hand and pulls me into him grabbing my arse at the same time he gives me a kiss. He says to me “yeah I do, I can’t get enough of you and can’t get over how sexy you are”. I turn away so he can’t see me blush at his compliment even though he compliments me every day. He gives me another kiss then tells me to get my best skinny jeans on and a nice shirt as he is taking me somewhere special tonight.

I walk downstairs after I finish getting ready to see Adam talking with Sauli; he looks up as I enter the lounge room and lets out a wolf whistle when he sees me. He gets up and walks over to me to kiss my lips and says;


 He puts his arm around my waist to guide me out of the house. After I am settled in my seat he leans over and puts a blind fold on me like he did for our 6 month anniversary.

After we have been driving for like half an hour I feel the car stop and hear Adam turn it off.  He gets out and comes over to my side to help me out then guides me somewhere. I feel him gently push me down and he takes the blindfold off me just as the lights go down and a beat starts up. I look at the stage and see Metallica standing there and belt out their songs. I gasp and turn to Adam and whisper;

 “Thank you so much you are the best.”

I look around and see we are on a private balcony where no one can see us.

As the band takes a break I jump onto Adams lap and pull him in so I can give him a kiss. I just want to feel him close to me. After everything he has done for me over the past 2 years. I just need him close to me so I can feel his breaths on me. I lean my head on his shoulder and start kissing his neck as I run my fingers through the hairs at the nape of his neck, he lets out a moan as I deepen the kiss. We pull apart as the band starts up again. I go to get off his lap but he wraps his arms around me to stop me from moving. I just settle in his lap for the rest of the concert.

When the concert ends he leads me back stage, we get to a dressing room and when he opens the door I am greeted by all the band members. The lead singer James Hetfield comes up to give me a hug. I feel Adam stiffen as  James gives me a hug. I look at him when James lets me go. I pull Adam into my side but he moves behind me instead and wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in close. He presses a kiss to the top of my head as if he is stating that I am his everyone back off from my boyfriend. I laugh to myself as I can feel his jealousy radiating off of him. We talk for a bit to the band while Adam still stakes that I him his. After about another 15 minutes Adam says that we have to go as we have dinner reservations. His hand doesn’t leave my waist as we are heading out to the car. As we get outside we are greeted by a mass of people that scream Adams name once they spot him. He pulls me even further into his side and guides me away from the crowd as he can feel me get anxious. He guides me to the car whilst keeping me close. A fan goes a little crazy and pulls me away from Adam, he goes to grab my hand as he can feel me being dragged away from him. He grabs my hand just in time before the fan can push me to the ground, he pulls me to him to make sure I’m OK before glaring at the fan and telling him to leave me alone. The fan looks at Adam and says you’re too good for him you are better off with me. That makes Adam rope-able as no one says that about me. He puts his arm around my waist and pulls me into his side hiding me from the fans before telling the guy to get lost and don’t touch me again.

What the fan said about me pushed me over the edge, I feel myself going downhill again but don’t show it to Adam. I can’t ruin the night he had planned for us.

We get to the car finally and Adam kisses my head before he puts me in the car. He gets to his side and starts the car to go to dinner. Once we arrive at the restaurant he took me to for hour 6 month anniversary he takes my hand after he helped me out and squeezes it for reassurance.


We go home after the meal, I go up to our room to get changed into tack pants while Adam stays down stairs talking to Sauli.

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