Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


8. Tommy's POV

The day of our 6, month anniversary I am awaken by someone running their hands through my hair whilst giving me soft kisses on my lips then working their way down to my neck then my sweet spot. I let out a moan then open my eyes to see Adams beautiful face hovering over me. He looks at me then says “get up gorgeous I have a surprise for you”. I get up get dressed then go down to the kitchen to see the dining table with choc chip pancakes, orange juice and fresh coffee. I sit down as Adam pulls out my chair out for me and dig in once Adam has sat down. He looks at me then says that he has a full fun filled day set out for me. After we have finished and cleaned up the kitchen. I get organised to go out for my surprise as he won’t tell me where we are going. I get his gift from my luggage when he is in the bathroom.
We get in the car to go to our destination, Adam leans over and puts a blind fold on me so I can’t see where we are going, we pull up after about 1 hour of driving. Adam gets out of the car to help me out, I can hear like a waterfall ahead of us so I can guess we are near one. We walk for about 10 minutes, we stop and he pulls the blindfold off me. I look around to see a lake with a waterfall at one end and just at the edge of the lake there is a picnic rug all set up with the likes of chocolate coated strawberries and champagne. I take a seat on the rug and Adam sits next to me. He picks up a chocolate coated strawberry to feed to me. We sit there and just feed each other the food that Adam had organised. Once we had finished all the food and champagne, Adam lay down and pulled me into his side. I just snuggled up to his neck instead as its more comfortable. We just lay there for a while sharing kisses here and there until the sun starts to set. Adam gets up then helps me up so we can pack up all our mess. We head back to the car where Adam says that he has another surprise for me. We head back to town and pull up at a very swish restaurant where they have people to park your cars; we hop out and head inside to the maître de where Adam says “reservation for Lambert”. We are lead to a table on a deserted balcony overlooking the water. I gasp and turn to look at Adam; I throw my arms around his neck and just hug him with everything I have. He is such a sweetheart I can’t get over what he has done for me as no one has come close to what he has done.
We sit at the table and look at the menu, once we have decided what we are going to order I lean back in my chair and tangle my feet with his, then very slowly my foot inches its way up his leg. His breath hitches in his throat when he feels it go up. I stop at his knee as that is as far as I can reach. I leave it there just to tease him for a bit longer.  The waiter comes by to collect our order and give us the best champagne as Adam had requested. After we had ordered we were sitting there just talking and admiring the view, when our meals arrive I dig into my chicken Alfredo which is delicious better than I have ever had, I look over to Adam and ask if he would like to taste my meal. He moves his chair toward me a bit more to taste my meal. He groans as he tastes it, which makes my jeans that much tighter. I shift around uncomfortably in my chair a bit. He moves his foot under the table to tangle with mine like I had done earlier except this time when he moves his foot up my leg he doesn’t stop at the knee but goes further up to my crotch. He moves his foot again just to tease me like the tease he is, he smirks once his foot is resting on my crotch as he can feel how aroused I am.
Once we have finished our meals the waiter comes back over to our table I jump and sit forward a bit so he can’t see my problem that Adam had created. Adam being the little shit he is just has a smug grin on his face once he sees what I did.
Once we are awaiting our desert that Adam had ordered I pluck up the courage to give him my the first part of my gift as I had decided that I would give myself to him tonight. I pull the box out of my jacket pocket and hand it over to Adam saying as this is only one part of my present he will get the second once we get back to his place. Adam must have had the same idea as he pulled a box out of his jacket pocket and hands it to me. I say that we should open them together which he agrees to. I open mine to find an 18carat gold chain with the letter A attached which has diamonds on one side. I gasp and burst into tears when I see it as it’s just beautiful. Adam jumps up and is at my side in an instant as he is scared that I hate it, I wrap my arms around him and mumble “thank you it’s beautiful I love it” Adam then takes it out of the box to slip it around my neck. I lean up to kiss him on the lips as a thank you. Once he gets back to his seat he opens his gift from me. Adam has tears in his eyes once I look up at him as I couldn’t watch him open it, I was too scared that he would hate it, I mumble “I will take it back and get something else if you don’t like”. Adam picks it up and holds it out of my reach stating “don’t you dare I love it, I will wear it every day with pride and think of you”. Once our desert arrives we dig in just so we can get home that much faster.
Once we are on our home Adams phone rings he asks me to look to see who it is. I pick it up to see his mum is calling him. I answer the phone and hand it over to Adam once I hear sobbing in the background. He pulls over and takes the call, all I can hear is Adam gasping and saying “we will be right there”. He hangs up and turns to me stating that his Dad has had a fall and is in hospital in a coma as he hit his head when he fell.
I lean over and pull him into my arms to comfort him the way he did for me when my father died. I can feel his body shake and tears on my neck as he breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. I hold him tight against my body to calm him down.
 Once he has calmed down a bit, I release him and get out of the car to go to his side, I open his door and pull him out after taking his seatbelt off, I pull him into my arms again and take him around to the seat I had just vacated, I make sure he is ok before I shut his door and go back around the car to the driver’s side. I get in and turn around to drive towards the hospital.
When we arrive at the hospital I pull up in an empty space and scramble out to help Adam out. We stumble into the hospital with him held tight by my side. I am not letting him go any time soon he needs me. This is my time to repay him for what he did to me when my father died 12 months ago. I see his mum and brother sitting in the waiting area. I lead him over to them so he can talk with his mum. Once I know he is settled with his family I walk away to the 24 hour coffee shop next to the hospital. I order 4 coffees to go, I take them back once they are ready and hand them out. I give Adams to him last as he has just broken down again in my arms once he sees me. He sobs into my neck stuttering “I I t thought I l lost y you”. I gently take his face in mine so he can see me and tell him I’m not going anywhere you are stuck with me unless you break up with me. “I love you Adam”, I say at the end so only he can hear me.
What seems to be days later but is most probably hours we get word that Eber (Adams dad) is improving. His brain function is normal which rules out a brain injury. Just at that news we all sag in relief as we didn’t want that to happen.
We are ushered into his room and I help Adam over to his dads bedside so he can at least see that he is ok and see the machine breathing for him. Adam visibly relaxes once he sees his dad. He grabs hold of me tighter and we head to the couch at the far of the room, I gently sit Adam down on it and go to walk out of the room to give them privacy but Adam just grabs my wrist and pulls me onto his lap so he can cuddle into me again. We spend the majority of the night there.
I look around the room and notice his mum and brother have drifted off to sleep. I look down at Adam to see him deep in thought. I kiss his head which stirs him from his thoughts, I nod my head towards his family so Adam can see that they are ok. He looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes and grabs my face so I can’t turn away, once he knows I won’t look away he looks into my eyes and says “ move in with me I can’t lose you as well” I blush fifty shades darker as I always do when he looks at me so tenderly. I nod my head yes as I can’t speak, I’m too shocked that it’s what he wants. He lets out a loud shriek as he sees that I agreed to his request.
Once we leave the hospital I tell Adam that I need to get my things from my house. He agrees and we head that way so I can pack up my belongings. It takes us most of the day to do only half of my house. Adam hears that his dad is awake and off the ventilator. He shouts at me from where he was in the kitchen making us both a coffee. I run down stairs thinking the worst only to find a very happy Adam jumping around my kitchen, I laugh when I see him, I can’t help it he is such a child at times. He grabs me when he sees me and full on kisses my lips. I melt into his touch as I have missed his lips so much the past 24 hours. When we pull away he tells me the good news and pulls me to the front door. Once I realise what Adam wants to do, I stop him and say “you go this is your family time. I will finish up here. You meet me at home”, it feels strange saying home about Adams house. I will get used to it as that is now my home, Adam is my home now. He reluctantly agreed to go. He pulls his house key out of his pocket saying that he got it cut just in case I agreed. I gave him a strange look and he said he was going to ask me further on down the track but seeing what happened to his dad he couldn’t wait. He wanted me to live with him now.
Once Adam had gone I got stuck into packing up the essentials and putting them in my car. I headed back to his place but when I glanced at the time I realised it’s nearly dinner time. I text Adam when I stop at a red light and tell him I will grab dinner as I am heading to his place now. He replies straight away saying thank you with an emoji love heart.
Once I grab our Chinese takeout I head home to his place. I pull into the driveway but don’t see his car which means he is not home yet. I unpack some of the things and lock the car. I will get the rest out tomorrow when I have had a proper night sleep.
I walk up to our room to have a nice refreshing shower. Once I get out I am startled by Adam leaning against the door. I drop the towel that I was holding onto as I had forgotten to take clothes in with me. He pushes off the door frame and struts over to where I am standing after raking his eyes down my body. He nods his head and pulls me into a deep kiss that leaves me wanting more. He can feel it as he laughs when we break apart.
I grab some clothes after Adam has walked out, once dressed I walk down stairs only to find dinner on the coffee table all ready for us. I jump onto Adams back as he has his back turned and he jumps when I land on his back. I jump down  and turn him around so he is facing me. I pull him in for a kiss that says thank you.
We pull apart again to have our dinner. After dinner we cuddle on the couch for about an hour before we stumble up to bed. I give him a goodnight peck on the lips and mumble tiredly I love you Adam.
Over the next couple of days Adam has hardly been home as he has been spending most of his time at the hospital.
One day he rings me saying that his dad is being released from hospital that afternoon so he will be home early. I grab my keys and wallet and rush out to my car as I decided that I would cook him a nice meal and have the table set up nice so he can relax when he gets home. I pull up to the supermarket jump out and grab a trolley to make my way inside. I walk down to the meat department to see what takes my fancy. I find some chicken breasts and decide I will do Honey Mustard Chicken with rice. As I am gathering all the ingredients I stumble across a fresh strawberry cheesecake which I know is Adams favourite. I pay for all the items and head home.
Around 2 hours later I have everything ready. The table is set , the house is clean, the meal prepared. I dash upstairs to have a shower.
Once I’m out of the shower dressed in my tightest skinny jeans and nice shirt  I head downstairs to see a weary looking Adam walking through the front door. I go up to him and place my arms around his waist so I can pull him in for a kiss. When we pull apart he says that something smells beautiful. I take his hand and lead him to the table in the dining room. He gasps as he sees it turning to me and ask if it is all for him as no one has ever done that for him before. He has plenty of times for his different boyfriends. I pull his chair out for him to sit down then I push it in once he has settled.
I head into the kitchen to prepare our plates then I take them out with a bottle of wine under my arm. I hand the bottle to Adam so he can open it and pour our glasses. I set our plates down once he has taken the wine from me. I sit down and gesture for him to try it. He takes a bite and his face lights up like there is no tomorrow. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that he loves it. The meal goes down without a hitch. When we have finished I clean up the table as Adam heads into the living room with the rest of the wine and our glasses. He argued with me for a bit saying he was going to clean up. I shoed him away telling him that it’s his night to relax.
Once I have finished I walk into the lounge room to sit next to Adam. He pulls me onto his lap so I am straddling him. He leans up to give me kiss which turns heated very fast. He pulls me down so we are lying on the couch with him underneath me. He pulls the hair at the nape of my neck which makes me let out the loudest moan whilst he is still deeply kissing me. He pulls away to look at me saying Sorry I got carried away. I pull him in again and pull the hairs on his neck which he lets out a moan for as well. I make my way down his jaw to his neck and suck the biggest love bite on it. I head onto his sweet spot then pull away so I can pull his shirt off.
Once his shirt is on the floor somewhere, I make my way down his chest and nip at his nipples. He pulls my shirt over my head  before pulling my face up to meet his. He asks if I’m sure which I nod my head for. I have wanted this since our sixth month anniversary last week but held off because of his father, it didn’t seem right to me that we have fun when he is stuck in a hospital bed. Once Adam sees that’s it’s what I want he sucks on my neck and leaves a nice purple mark. I pull away from him and tell him to meet me upstairs. I wonder around and lock the house up then make my way upstairs to our room. I step into our room and see a lot of candles all lit and the light off. I close the door behind me then wonder over to the bed to only get pulled down by Adam. He latches his lips to mine once again, he swipes his tongue across my bottom lip to gain entrance which I grant immediately. We battle to keep the kiss sweet but it soon turns heated again. Adams hands slowly caress my sides until they have made their way down to my waist, he fumbles with my jeans then pull them off. I get relief straight away as they were getting very tight. I move my hands down to his jeans to undo them as well. I pull them off only to hear Adam moan as he gets instant relief. He rolls us over so he is on top and start to roll his hips onto mine. I feel his length meet mine which only makes me want more. After our lengths have touched for a while I just can’t stand it anymore I need to feel more. I buck my hips up for some much needed relief.
I pull Adams boxers down and grab his length to give his some relief as well. He rolls away from me over to the bed side table to grab the lube and a condom. He lays them beside him on the bed to reach for my boxers, he pulls them down while kissing me deeply.

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