Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


2. Tommy’s POV



I was woken from my dream about Adam by my phone ringing. It was my sister telling me that my father has had a heart attack and was in Intensive care. To say that this scared me was an understatement.

I call Adam and tell him what has happened as I won’t be in the studio with him today, He comes over straight away and comforts me like the beautiful person he is, once I have calmed down enough he drives me to the hospital and tells me that I can take all the time in the world that I want off to get through this terrible time in my life. He promises to come and see my dad this afternoon when he has finished in the studio.


I walk through the front doors and over to the receptionist and ask her for directions to the Intensive care unit. She gives me the directions and as I’m walking there I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. When I get to the lift I pull it out and see it’s a text from Adam to say that “he forgot to say to give his regards to my family”. I can’t help the wide smile that graces my lips just from that text alone.

I walk through the doors to the Intensive care unit to see my mother and sister waiting there.

When my mother sees me she runs up to me and just holds me tight while we both cry and my sister joins in the hug as well.

I ask how he is and they say that he is stable for now but things could change any moment now. It feels like we have been sitting here for days on end waiting for more news when in fact it’s only been probably 3 hours. Just as the doctor walks up to us, the doors open to reveal Adam holding 4 coffees in his hand. He struts over and hands us each a coffee while the Dr whose name was Dr Stylinson explains that my father needs an emergency operation to unblock one of the arteries in his heart. My mother gives him the ok to do the surgery.

We all wait for news with shortness of breath the only one breathing properly was Adam as he has a good set of lungs on him with all the high notes he hits every day that takes my breath away each time he hits one.


Dr Stylinson walks up to us after like 2 hours and has a very grim look on his face that tell us straight away that it’s not good news. My father died on the operating table, as he says that my legs give out from underneath me and Adam only just catches me before I can hit the ground. Adam holds me tightly in his arms as well as my mother and sister as we all cry over the death of my beloved father. Once my sister and mother have calmed down they get out of Adams arms and it’s only me left. I can’t find the strength or will to get out of his arms as its feels like home to me now as I feel like he is the only man in my life that is close to me.

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