Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


1. Tommy's POV


My name is Tommy Joe Ratliff and this is my story on how my life was saved.

For those of you that don’t know me I am a guitarist in Adam Lambert’s band.


My life was very gloomy until I met Adam; I’m in love with Adam and he never loved me back until I went into a deep dark depression.

You see I never told Adam how I felt about him until recently when I couldn’t take it anymore, I never told him as it was around the time he had broken up with Sauli Koskinen. Then my feelings for Adam became too much, you see Sauli was more beautiful than I was or will ever be. I have ugly scars on my body from where I have cut before I met Adam


Those Fever kisses we shared was my downfall for falling in love with this gorgeous person that is my boss, How do you tell your boss that you have fallen in love with them?

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