Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


6. Tommmy's POV

The 2 weeks after I get out of hospital Adam will not leave my side. I am feeling a lot better so I say to Adam I want to go back to work at the studio with him as he is working on his next album, he agrees only if I take it easy and not overdo it as I am still a bit weak.
One night after we get back from the studio and are cuddling on the couch Adam asks me to be his boyfriend. I leap onto his lap and nod my head as no words are able to come out of my mouth. I never thought in a million years that I would be Adam Lamberts boyfriend and lead guitarist.
 I ask Adam if we can maybe keep it a secret for a bit as the public will think I am with him only for his money or he is with me out of pity. Adam says that he is not with me out of pity that he loves me with all his heart even more than he loved Sauli. He says that I make him happy, even when he was with Sauli he felt there was something missing in his life and his relationship with Sauli. That person was me and he doesn’t feel that with me.
I slowly get back to my usual happy self I was when I was around Adam. I haven’t touched the blade in over 3 months. My medication is working and I just feel happier in myself.

 Months after I became Adams boyfriend I feel ready to come out to the world as I am sick of not being able to kiss or hug or hold my own boyfriend’s hand whilst out in public. I want to show the world that Adam Lambert belongs to me, Tommy Joe Ratliff the misanthrope and I also belong to Adam Lambert world famous singer. I tell Adam that I want to come out to the world that I have a beautiful boyfriend. He tells me that he has an interview tomorrow and that we can announce it then that we are together and very, very happy, he also asks if it is what I want as he doesn’t want to rush me. I tell him that I want to be able to kiss him and hug and hold his hand in public as I miss all that when we are not at home, of course the band knew we are together but that’s it. Adam even kept it from his management and his family and my family even though mum had seen us cuddled up together after I came out of the coma she didn’t know that Adam had asked me to be his boyfriend.
The next day we organise our families to come over that night so we can tell them before the interview is aired as it’s not a live one that we are happily dating, Of course Adam being Adam decided to freak out when I walked up behind him and pinched his arse before the interview. He screeched and said in a not so manly voice someone touched my arse. I couldn’t help but kill myself laughing as he says that. Adam reckons he is a man, I beg to differ with that scream, as I am rolling around on the floor Adam realises it was me and jumps on my back to tickle me like only he can.
 As we go on to do the interview he wraps me safely in his arms as I’m kind of freaking out about this. He sits down and pulls me into his side, the interviewer Ellen squeals once she sees this and straight away asks Adam if we are a couple. Adam has this huge smile on his face as he explains that yes we are and are very happy together. Ellen asks how long it has been since we got together and he says with a huge smile on his face 3 months since I agreed to be his.

That night when we were awaiting our families we are sitting on the couch snuggled up together, I lean up and kiss him which turns into a sweet loving filled kiss which is full of a promise of love and to always be there when I need him. As we pull apart the doorbell rings, I jump up off Adam and let him get the door as it is his house; I feel it’s his place to do that not mine when I am only just staying here whilst he watches over me after my suicide attempt. He opens the door to our families that have arrived together.
 Adam ushers them into the lounge room where I had sat myself on one of the chairs, suddenly I am engulfed in 5 pairs of arms that belong to our families. When they all pull away Adams mum looks at him and says what is this all about. Adam walks over to me, sits on the arm of my chair and pulls me into his strong arms where I just melt. He looks at everyone in the room and says with the biggest smile that he and I are together and have been for 3 months. They ask why we are telling them now and not 3 months ago when it happened, I tell them it was me as I wasn’t ready to come out as a couple yet. I needed time and Adam being the gentlemen he is gave me that time. My mother asks if I am ashamed of her or something as she saw us the day after I came out of the coma and we were cuddled up together on my hospital bed, I said no of course not it was a couple of weeks after that, that Adam officially asked me to be his boyfriend, I need time to adjust having a special someone in my life after thinking I would never have that person as my boyfriend only as a friend. Once again Adam pulls me into his arms to comfort me as he saw I was getting worked up after what my mother just said to me. I scream at my mother and ask her why she can’t be happy for me or for us. Adams mum squeals and lunges at us wishing us all the best. His dad and brother rush up and do the same. My sister is smiling like crazy unlike my mother who is unhappy and glaring at me.
 I scream at her to get out if she can’t be happy for us then I don’t need or want her in my life, she scoffs then walks out of the front door slamming it shut. Just as the door shuts I break down in uncontrollable subs as my mother can’t be happy for us even though she wanted us to get together, I just can’t take it anymore I gained a boyfriend but lost my parents in the meantime. I break out of Addy’s arms and run upstairs to his bathroom where I pull my friend out.
 Just as I was pulling it out the door burst open to reveal a very anxious Adam and a very nervous sister. Adam bends down and scoops me into his arms and whispers sweet nothings in my ear to calm me down, once I have calmed down I whisper to him to go back downstairs to his mum, dad and brother he tells me that they have gone, his mum told him to go look after your sweet boyfriend who loves you very much I can see it in his eyes every time he looks at you and the smile that takes over his face when you walk in the room or just a simple touch from you.
 I pull out of Adams arms to look into his eyes and I say what I have been wanting to say for a while, “I love you Adam so much you saved me when I was broken”. Adam looks at me with the biggest smile on his face and says “I love you too it was my pleasure to save my broken boy”.
All of a sudden there was clapping and a scream come from the door way, it was my sister, I blush fifty shades of red as I forgot she was there. I get out of Addy’s arms and go to my sister to give her a hug, I whisper “thank you for supporting me”. She looks at me with a smile on her face that says “don’t worry about mum she will come around”. When we break the hug I feel Adam’s arms curve around me from behind, he then presses a quick kiss to my neck. My sister looks at us and waves goodbye leaving Adam and I alone in his bathroom. He bends down to scoop me into his arms so he can carry me to bed.
Once he deposits me on the bed he gives me another sweet kiss then walks out of the room to lock the house up. When he comes back in he undresses down to his boxers and crawls under the covers to pull me into his strong arms once again. We share a few kisses until it turns into a heated make out session, I pull away for some much needed air only to be pulled back against his strong chest. I look up at him again and look into his eyes saying “I love you”. He says “I love you too so much”.
The next morning when I wake up I look at the clock that reads 9:00 am; I roll over in bed as I’m missing Addy’s arms around me only to find him gone. I slowly get out of bed too put clothes on so I can go and make a coffee. As I walk into the kitchen I spot a note on the fridge saying “Babe have gone to get supplies, I won’t be long. Love Adam”.  Just as I fill the kettle up so I can make my coffee I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me from behind and a slap on my bum. I jump away from the person only to hear Adam laughing at me. I tell him it’s not funny he scared me as I wasn’t sure who it was. He tells me it’s a secret admirer that has been admiring me from afar at my fabulous body and luscious arse. I laugh at him telling him he better run as my boyfriend is very muscly and strong, He won’t like any other man touching what’s his. Adam laughs and pulls me into his chest for a sweet kiss that tastes like coffee, that bastard had a coffee without me. It’s so unfair. I look up at him with a pout on my lips and tell he had better start running. He laughs and reaches behind him to grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee only to tease me with it. I huff and walk away from him only to have him grab my hand so he can pull me back into his arms. He hands me the cup stating that he bought it for me just how I like it. I take a much needed sip from the sweet and strong drink, only to let out a very load moan that has Adam laughing at me. I blush a deep red. Adam just pulls me into his arms again giving me a peck on the cheek telling me I’m cute.
He lets me go to start on breakfast; he makes pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup and strawberries. I moan again when he hands me a plate. Once again he laughs and gives me a sweet kiss.
After breakfast we clean up the kitchen then have a lazy day full of watching movies. Half way through the first movie Adam grabs my face and turns it to him. He connects our lips in a sweet kiss, he swipes his tongue a cross my bottom lip, I let out a gasp which he takes full advantage off and pushed his tongue into my mouth so his tongue can explore my mouth. Our tongues battle each other’s for dominance and his wins. After like 5 minutes the kiss turns heated once again. I tunnel my fingers through his hair which he lets out a moan at. He hands grab onto my hips and lifts me onto his lap so I am straddling him. I can feel his length against my thighs which turns me on even more. I pull away and look at him saying I’m not ready yet to take this any further. Adam tells me that it’s fine we can take it as slow as I want.

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