Saviour for the Broken

Tommy Joe Ratliff falls into a deep dark depression and starts cutting because he falls in love with his boss Adam Lambert. But Adam doesn't return the feelings until he stumbles into the bathroom to an unconscious Tommy. After that Tommy has to battle not only his demons but also the hatred on social media


12. Adams POV

After the concert I noticed Tommy was very quiet and withdrawn. I tried my hardest to break him out of his thoughts but nothing worked. We got home and Tommy went up to get changed I went into the living room and I noticed Sauli watching TV so I walked up to see if I could talk to him about Tommy. I asked him if he had noticed Tommy being withdrawn before I got home. He said no the only odd thing he thought of was when he came to stay to keep him company Tommy yelled at him and said that Addy is mine and I’m not letting him go without a fight. I said well that’s understandable as he would have done the same thing. I heard Tommy walking down the stairs and I asked Sauli to keep an eye on him as I needed to make a few calls. Once Tommy had walked in I went up to him and pulled him into my arms to give him a strong hug, I mumbled “I love you so much please don’t forget it”.

When he pulled away from me I kissed him on the lips and said I need to make some calls and will see you upstairs in bed.

I walked into my office and called his sister to see if she had noticed something with Tommy. She said that he was withdrawn, depressed and crying every day I was gone. He only came out of his depression when she him back in my arms.

She told me “you have helped him overcome his depression before please help him again as she can’t go through what she went through when he attempted suicide before. He loves you Adam please help and don’t let him down”. I hung up from her after that and sat lost in my own thoughts until I heard screaming coming from the lounge room, I race out of my office to find Sauli yelling at Tommy to open the door of the bathroom I have downstairs, I walk up to the door and say very quietly babe please open up its me Addy. He tell me to go away as I will be better off without him. I look over to Sauli with a look that says can you please leave me alone for a minute; he nods at me and walks away. I knock on the door again to let Tommy know I’m still there, I tell him to please open the door as we are alone now. He tells me to please wait as he will be out in a minute. The door opens slowly to reveal the man that I love. I look into his eyes and they are very sunken, I know straight away that he has been cutting again. I beg him to please talk to me, don’t shut me out. Tommy leans up and gives me a kiss on the cheek. He says I’m ok just tired as he didn’t get last night as we had some fun until early hours of this morning. I pull him into my arms and press my lips to his. I swipe my tongue across his bottom lip while squeezing his arse. He gasps and I let my tongue roam around his mouth, whilst still squeezing his magnificent arse. He goes to deepen the kiss but I notice Sauli walk back into the room so I have to break it up. I don’t want to but I need to as I can already feel the heat in my stomach and feel myself harden just by the kiss alone. Tommy must have heard Sauli enter the room as I notice a blush on his cheeks when I look at him. I look at Sauli then at Tommy before saying I need to have a shower. I give Tommy one more kiss on the lips before he walks away and I smack his arse on his way past me. He jumps and squeals when I do it.

I look at Sauli when Tommy walks into the kitchen and I ask him what happened. He told me he was lonely when you were gone. He missed you so much, he didn’t realise how much he depended on you being around and helping him through his dark phases.

My poor baby must still be having dark times but hasn’t told me or anyone. I need to fix this but how. I am leaving in 2 weeks to go back on tour. I can’t lose my baby I just cant. I vow to spend the next few weeks with him. I might take him away for a bit when I get back.

I need to speak to mum, see if she can organise something for me.


Tommys POV

When Adam went into his office I sat on the arm chair in the lounge room. Sauli asks me what happened as he saw something on the news. I break down and tell him what happened. When I finish the story I feel the urge to cut again, I remember I hid a blade down here in the bathroom while Adam was away. I excuse myself and lock myself in the bathroom. When I started cutting again I must have made some noise as next thing I know I hear Sauli scream at me to open the door. I ask him to go away. It’s silent for about 5 minutes until I hear Adam say babe please open up. I say go away please leave me alone as you are better off without me. It’s silent again until I hear Adam say very quietly babe please open the door we are alone now. I open the door and walk out to see Adam looking at me all worried. I hope he doesn’t notice my sunken eyes. Adam asks me what is wrong. I can’t tell him I’m cutting again so I just mumble “I’m tired I didn’t get much sleep last night as we had some fun until early this morning. He pulls me into his arms and gives me a kiss which soon turns heated. Adam broke the kiss and just as he did that I noticed Sauli walk back to us. Why can’t he get the hint and FUCK OFF as Adam is now mine? I tell Addy that I’m going to make a cup of tea and start to walk past him. He slaps my arse as he does, as if stating its mine. I jump and think to myself hopefully Sauli will back off now after Addy did that.

I walk into the kitchen and hear Addy walk upstairs to have a shower.

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