Too Late

What happens when you're not so perfect life becomes even more not so perfect? You were happy enough, you had what you needed, you had who you needed but the world proceeded to rip it all away. Now what? Every time Sam seems to finally repair the broken pieces of her life, it all crumbles back down to the ground. But what happens when someone else begins to help her pick up the pieces? Will Sam finally be able to live a happy life, or is her helping hand too late?


2. Nicknames

As Sam pulled into the student parking lot she noticed that all of the senior spots were empty as it was senior skip day. She would have loved to snag one of their spots considering they were much closer to the school, but unfortunately them not being there was not an excuse to park there. She sighed and directed her car in the right direction and drove to her spot, which was further back than most other juniors. Since her last name was closer to the end of the alphabet, she was towards the back of the lot. She pulled into her spot and instead of turning her car off and going inside she just sat there. 

The stereo was playing She Will Be Loved and Sam wanted to finish the song before she went inside. With her left hand still on the steering wheel, she looked down to see that her cuticles and nails had gotten a bit too long. She picked the black nail polish off of her left pinkie so that it was bare like the rest of her nails. She hummed along to the song and closed her eyes. For a split second she could see her father holding her in the family room, dancing along to the song. She opened her eyes and starred out across the street watching the cars go by on the busy road next to the school.

Sam saw what looked like Harry's black sports car go by and she figured they were on their way to the lake. She thought it was odd that they were driving in that direction considering the lake was the other way, but she really didn't care enough to question it for much longer. She rested her head on the steering wheel, letting the song envelope her. She felt her phone vibrate next to her and she grabbed it to see who it was. The screen displayed her brother's contact information and a picture of him giving her a piggy back ride. Sam lowered the volume in the car and swiped to answer her brother.

"Yes?" She asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Go to school." Louis yelled in a somewhat serious somewhat joking tone.

"I am at school."

"Excellent! You're half way there. Now go inside." Sam looked around to see if Louis was around watching her when her eyes landed on Harry's car across the street. Louis waved to his little sister with a big smile on his face as Harry stuck his head out the window and called her name. Sam rolled her eyes.

"First of all that's kinda creepy, second I can't believe you felt the need to follow me here and third I was just about to. I was waiting for the song I was listening to to finish." 

"First of all it's not creepy because I am technically your guardian and I need to make sure you made it here ok, second I do this all the time so I'm not sure why you're surprised and third yeah right. I know everything about you Sam, and as you're older brother I know for a fact that you would have stayed out in your car all day if you could." He said making a satisfied face. As much as Sam would have hated to admit it, he was right. Since they're dad left them, Sam and Louis had been pretty much best friends. He knew everything about her and she knew everything about him. She would have loved to stay out in car all day and watch netflix and Louis knew that just as much as she did. 

"Fine don't believe me but it's the truth. And instead of driving all the way down here, you could have just used the tracker to see where I was." She said in a snarky tone, not amused by her brother's actions. Louis just laughed at her response. Another fun fact about their relationship is that Louis not only thinks of himself as Sam's brother and best friend but also as her protector. He was always in charge of her but her let her do whatever she wanted, as long as she kept a tracking app on her phone so he could know where she was at all times. Her mother had used the same thing before she became too busy, there wasn't really a point in having the app if her mom was in Australia while she was at home. What was her mom gonna do? Go pick Sam up if she went somewhere she wasn't supposed to?

"I suppose I could have but this seemed like more fun." Sam looked over at the stereo to see that the track number had changed, meaning she missed the last bit of the song. She was a bit annoyed by that. She turned her car off and hung up the phone. She sighed a bit, wishing her brother didn't watch her every move. She pulled the keys out of the ignition and made her way over to the passengers side to grab her bookbag. As she pulled it onto her shoulders she felt the phone in her hand vibrate again. This time where she looked down it was Harry's contact info that popped up with a picture of him wrapping Sam up in a big hug as Sam tried to pull away. She answered the phone,

"And what can I do for you Harry?" She asked leaning against the door of her car and facing Harry's car across the street.

"How dare you hang up on your brother like that. I expected more from you Samantha." Harry said jokingly.

"Ha ha very funny. How many times do I have to tell you not to call me by my real name?"

"Well if I can't call you 'Samantha' I'll have to come up with something else. How about-"

"How about Sam, like everyone else. Now, is there anything you actually wanted to tell me?" She adjusted her bag so that it sat more comfortably on her right shoulder. 

"Yes, tell Louis you're sorry." Harry said as he passed the phone to Louis.

"I'm sorry." Sam said in the most sarcastic voice she had ever used, yet it seemed to please them as Louis smiled with conformation. "Now are you going to let me go to school or are you gonna sit there and flirt with me some more?" She asked when she saw Louis hand the phone back to Harry.

"I'm not flirting, I never flirt with you." Harry said pulling a hand up to his heart.

"Yeah, that's why you said you'd love to see me after I've had a few." Sam said quoting Harry's words from earlier that morning. Harry laughed a bit.

"That wasn't flirting love, that was a sensor request. You're a laugh when you're not drunk, imagine how you'd be after you've had a bit to drink." He said still giggling. While Harry found that amusing Sam and Louis did not. Louis playfully smacked Harry's arm and Sam just hung up the phone again. She started to walk towards the school, looking back every few seconds to see if her brother was still watching her. Every time she glanced back, he was. She shoved her phone in her back pocket and adjusted her bookbag again. She finally got to the point where she couldn't see the spot where Harry's car was parked anymore. She entered the doors of the school and as soon as her foot hit the tacky marbled tiles her back pocket vibrated. She pulled it out to see the notification.

'Glad you made it to school ok :) I'll call you later to check in on you.' She locked her phone and walked into the front office to check in. She signed her name on the sheet as the secretary gave her a note to class. She gave a weak smile and thanked the lady as she turned on her heals to go to class. When she arrived at her classroom and walked in everyone's eyes were on her but for only half a second. Once they had realized who she was they went back to taking notes. Just because she was Louis Tomlinson's sister and Reese Andrew's girlfriends didn't mean she was popular like they were. No one really talked to her or really noticed her much. Of course people talked to her when Louis was around, they wouldn't want to upset him by leaving his sister out. It wasn't pretty when people upset Louis. Her history teacher, Mr. Sellers, walked over and took the note from her hand.

"Ah, Sam. How nice of you to join us. You haven't missed much, but I would try to get the notes we went over from a friends after class. They'll be helpful for your final project." Sam took her seat and opened up her notebook to the right page. Even though it was the end of the school year, every teacher was required to assign a final project that was due on the last day of school. This is because they know if they don't give the students something to do, they won't come for the last two weeks and a threat to their grade will persuade most people to continue to show up.


Sam sat in her last class of the day starring up at the clock. She watched the small red hand make its round for the third time since she couldn't concentrate on the class. Her Biology ll teacher, Mrs. Carson, went on and on about proteins. She didn't feel the need to listen since she knew what the teacher was talking about but the main reason she wasn't listening was because she was thinking about her boyfriend. Reese. 

Reese had  beautiful blue eyes and chestnut colored hair. It was short but long enough for Sam to play with, which she did quite frequently. He wasn't the tallest guy at school but when Sam stood in front of him she had to stretch just a little to kiss him. She thought he was the prefect height. He had a pretty built body sense he was a swimmer and ran track. Just thinking of him always made her smile. She was so lost in her thoughts that the final bell caught her off guard. She leaped up, grabbing her bag as she rushed out the door. She heard Mrs. Carson say something about the final project but Sam was too far away to fully understand. She rushed through the crowded halls to her locker. 

When she arrived she quickly put in her combination and opened the locker with no trouble. Her bookbag fell to the ground and she opened it to gather the right binders. When she stood up she felt a tap on her shoulder. A big smile grew on her face and she whipped around to see who it was. Instead of Reese, who she was expecting, it was a boy named Austin. The smile on her face shrunk but Sam didn't want to be rude so she tried her best to not seem too disappointed. 

"Sorry, I'm sure you were expecting to see Reese." He said as he rubbed his right thumb against the pointer finger on the same hand. Sam nodded. Austin had a habit of standing too close when talking to people so Sam backed up a bit to distance herself. Austin had jet black hair and light brown eyes. He was only a couple inched taller than Sam and didn't have the best build to his body. 

"Yeah kinda." She said. When he didn't say anything after a couple seconds Sam went back to exchanging her books. She could feel the presence of someone still behind her. She turned to see that Austin was still standing there which was weird considering their conversation, if you can call it that, ended a good 20 seconds ago. "I don't mean to be rude, but is there something you needed?" Sam asked trying not to come off rude. He was a bit closer, so Sam backed herself up once again.

"Oh, right, sorry." Austin said as he rubbed his fingers together again. He had an awkward smile and shifted his weight from foot to foot the entire time he had been standing there. "Well I was just wondering, uh, I'm having a little get together next Friday after the last day and I was wondering if you wanted to come?" Sam was surprised at this. Austin didn't have many friends, if any. He was kind of socially awkward and didn't talk much, but when he did talk it was always a really weird conversation. Sam had talked to him twice that year, once to talk about homework and the second time he asked what kind of moisturizer she used, which she found strange. 

"Oh, I actually have plans that night." Austin's smile grew smaller as he looked down at the ground. Sam felt bad. "But if anything changes I'll be there." She lied to make him feel better. He immediately looked up and the smile took its place back on his face. 

"That's great." He said taking her left hand in his own. He pulled out a sharpie and started writing on her palm. "Here's my address, my phone number, my email, just let me know if you're gonna come." He kept her hand in his and he seemed to be studying it after he finished writing. Taking in every last detail of her hand. Sam looked down noticing once again that her nails were too long. She was uncomfortable and tried to pull away but he had a tight grip. She pulled a second time and he let go and looked back into her eyes. She smiled awkwardly.

"Well, I'll let you know if my plans change." She said trying to get him to leave. He had somehow moved closer again, so she backed up this time hitting her locker, having no where else to go. He was shifting his weight between his feet again. 

"Ok, great." He said with another big smile on his face, he lingered for a little longer before finally walking towards the exit of the school. Sam sighed in relief. That had to have been one of the most awkward conversations she's ever had. She zipped up her bookbag finally able to leave her locker. However, she had expected Reese to meet here there so she was a little disappointed. As she turned she saw Reese walking towards her, which made her smile and she could feel butterflies in her stomach. It had been a year and a half and she still got butterflies, not because she was nervous but because he made her incredibly happy. As soon as he was in arms reach he stretched out his hand and intertwined their fingers. He kissed her on the cheek. 

"Hello, gorgeous." They started to walk out towards the student parking lot. "So, what was going on between you and Austin? I didn't realize you two talked to each other." Sam laughed.

"We don't talk, I was extremely surprised to him standing behind me when I felt a tap on my shoulder instead of you." Reese squeezed her hand and brought it up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on it. "I don't know why, but he asked me if I wanted to go to a party he is having on Friday." Reese snickered at the thought of Austin having a party.

"Austin? Hosting a party? I don't think so. Please tell me you said no." Austin said gazing into Sam's eyes.

"Well a get together was how he phrased it but of course I said no. I felt bad so I told him if my plans changed, I would go. Look, he wrote all of his contact info on my hand." She parted their hands to show Reese how only minutes ago, Austin had taken the same hand that he had been holding and written on it. She took his hand back in hers. "That was a lie of course. Nothing against Austin but I really don't want to go to his house. And I really don't want to be the only one there. Can you imagine, being alone with him for an extended amount of time?" She shivered at the thought.

"You don't think anyone else will show?" Reese asked sarcastically. Sam elbowed his side playfully. 

"You're such a comedian. You know as well as I do that no one in this school would even consider going to his house."

"Obviously someone is."

"Shut up, I just didn't want to be mean. I hate to make people sad, especially people who don't have any friends." They had arrived at Reese's car, because his last name started with 'A' it was much closer to the school. He pulled her in for a kiss before he got into his car. He squeezed her hand one last time before stepping in and releasing his grip on her. 

"Hey are you gonna be able to hangout tonight?" He asked reaching for the car door. 

"Of course, but I have to be-"

"Home by twelve, yeah I know the rules by now." He said raising his eyebrows with a smirk. Sam laughed.

"I would hope so."

"I'll be there at seven." He winked at her just before closing the door. He started his car and was gone within seconds. Sam walked back towards her car and found a blue sticky note on her windshield. She picked it up to inspect it. 

'Hey Sammy, I've decided that's what I'm going to call you now. Just wanted to let you know that Louis wanted to borrow your portable charger, so don't strain yourself looking for it. -Harry' Sam rolled her eyes, she hated Sammy more than Samantha, it sounded so childish. She crumbled the piece of paper and shoved it into a random pouch of her bookbag. She threw the bag into the passenger's seat and slipped into her car. As she closed the door and started the car she found a second blue sticky note on the dash board. 

'P.s. I took your favorite CD. -Louis' Sam crumbled up the second note the same way she did the first and threw it to the floor. She was annoyed that Louis just took her stuff without asking and picked a random radio station to listen to. She changed it five times, hating the every song she heard. She was annoyed after a while and just turned it off. Her ride home was quiet. She thought about a way to get back at Louis the whole way home.

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