Too Late

What happens when you're not so perfect life becomes even more not so perfect? You were happy enough, you had what you needed, you had who you needed but the world proceeded to rip it all away. Now what? Every time Sam seems to finally repair the broken pieces of her life, it all crumbles back down to the ground. But what happens when someone else begins to help her pick up the pieces? Will Sam finally be able to live a happy life, or is her helping hand too late?


1. Average Day

The sun spilled into Sam's bedroom between a small crack in her curtains on an average Friday morning. Still sound asleep, she rolled on to the other side of the bed, now facing the window. It was 9:13 a.m. She was obviously late for school, her alarm clock had obviously failed her that morning. It wasn't a big deal though. There was only a week left of school for the year and then Sam would finally be free. She could sleep as late as she wanted every day. That's how she liked to look at it anyway. On the other hand, her older brother, Louis, did not look at it that way. As he was the one in charge of the house while there mom was away, and she was, a lot, he made sure that Sam was on time and in school everyday. 

Louis opened the door to his little sister's bedroom and started to shake her awake. Sam, obviously annoyed, pulled the covers over her head as she groaned in frustration. Louis sighed and moved over to her bedroom window, opening the sea blue curtains all the way, letting the natural light fill the room. Seeing that his attempts still had no effect on the girl, he took hold of her covers and with a firm grip ripped them off the bed in one swift motion.

"Louis stop. I'm freezing and it's too damn bright." Sam whined pulling her pillow over her head. 

"Good, maybe the cold and light will make you get your lazy ass out of bed." He said dropping the covers to the foot of the bed. Sam immediately tried to grab the sheets to cover herself back up, but her brother was too quick for her and knocked then onto the floor. He sat next to Sam on the bed and playfully pulled at her dark brown, curly hair. He noticed that there were quite a few split ends. "You need a hair cut." He said starting to pull at her hair again. She smacked his hand away and looked over at him, slowly opening her eyes.

"Why can't you just let me sleep? The school year is almost over. One absence isn't gonna kill anyone." Sam said in a raspy morning voice. 

"I know for a fact that mom wouldn't let you sleep in and skip school so neither am I." Louis said patting her head.

"But you're not mom. This is your chance Lou, to separate yourself from her. Be your own person. Don't let her run your life." Sam pleaded. Louis chuckled a bit.

"I'm not letting her run my life, I'm letting her run your life." He said taking the pillow. Sam reached up, trying to reclaim her pillow. "Besides, it's only a couple more days. Don't you wanna finish our your junior year the right way and capture every last moment?"

"Not when every moment is spent around the dumb asses I call my classmates. But why aren't you in school soaking up "every last moment" of your senior year?" 

"Today is senior skip day. But before I enjoy the privilege of being a senior, I had to make sure you got yourself to school."

"Well you did a shit job. I'm gonna be late." Sam said rubbing her eyes. 

"You're still going. So get up and get yourself ready." Louis said getting up from the bed and leaving the room.

"You could have at least closed the door." Sam hollered, sitting up in her bed.

"But then how will I know if you're actually getting ready?" He called back. Sam rolled her eyes and flopped back onto her bed. She gazed up at her ceiling where she had placed glow in the dark stars above her bed as a kid. She smiled at the memory of her father lifting her up to the ceiling letting her place the stickers where ever she desired and later that night looking up at the 'stars' with him as they lay in bed together. The star stickers always made her feel better no matter what was going on. It mad her feel like her father was looking down on her and keeping watch over her as she slept.

She stood up and made her way over to her closet to pick out an outfit for the day. She grabbed a Myrtle Beach tye dye blue tank top, black jean shorts and her black high top converse. She threw half of her hair into a messy pony tail for a half up half down look and quickly filled in her eyebrows, applied eyeliner and mascara and took one last look in the mirror. She decided that she looked fine, not caring too much about her appearance and took her phone and car keys off her night stand. She quickly brushed her teeth before heading downstairs where she heard not only her brother's voice but his best friends voice as well, Harry. As she pulled her bookbag onto her right shoulder and made her way to the front door, Louis called out to her.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye?" He asked catching up to her and stepping in front of the door. Sam playfully rolled her eyes.

"My apologizes. Goodbye." She said reaching for the handle of the door.

"I'm not letting you go that easy." Louis said grabbing her hand.

"What the hell you're the one who wanted me to leave in the first place." Sam whined.

"Calm down, I just wanted to remind you not to stay out too late tonight, be in by midnight. Im going to call and check to make sure you're here, ok?" 

"Uh, ok." Sam replied, confused about why Louis wouldn't be home himself at midnight. "And where exactly will you be at midnight?" She asked.

"We will be at Alexis Dunning's lake house getting absolutely smashed." Harry chimed in with the biggest smile on his face. Sam laughed.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked Harry, half joking, half really wanting to go.

"Of course love. I'd love to see what you're like when you've had a few." Harry laughed, raising his eyebrows up and down. Sam laughed a bit but Louis put a stop to that real quick.

"No you can not come. I hate the idea of you drinking, you're too good for that and the people that do it." Louis said in a stern voice.

"Louis, you guys are the people that do it." Sam said rolling her eyes.

"Yes and you're better than I am and too good for Harry. We don't deserve to be around you." He said in a serious tone adding a smile at the end.

"Well as much as I agree with you about that part, I would like to live my life a little bit and have some fun." Sam said.

"Well you won't be having any tonight. Besides, it's a senior party, no underclassmen allowed." Louis said sticking his tongue out at his sister.

"I'm not an underclassmen, thank you very much. Now if you don't mind, i'll be on my way." Sam said reaching for the handle of the door.

"Ok, ok, have fun at school." He said stepping out of her way. He gave her a quick hug and started to walk away from her. Sam walked out the front door and made her way to her sliver 2003 Toyoda Cameri. "Oh, before I forget." Louis said turning back around and clapping his hands together. "Reese is not allowed to come over today. At all. If I find out he was here I will NOT be happy." He said in a victorious tone with a smile on his face. Sam just rolled her eyes, continuing to walk out the door. 

"Yeah, yeah, I know." She said throwing her bookbag in the passengers seat. Reese was Sam's boyfriend. He was one of the most popular and hottest guys in school. She still didn't know how he fell for her out of all the other girls on school. She started her car and backed out of her driveway. She hit the play button on her car's stereo and the speakers began to play Harder to Breath by Maroon 5. She kept there album, Songs about Jane, in her CD player at all times, not only because she loved this album but also because it had belonged to her father and this was his favorite CD. She skipped to track 8, Sunday Morning, and drove down the road to school, hoping she would be able to make it to 2nd period. 

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