Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


7. -6-

We soon went to sleep after finishing the movies, if I had a dollar for every time Haneul screamed during the movies, I'd have a hatch and a mansion ready for all the people of the future generation. I asked Haneul and Yonghee if they want to sleep on the bed because I'd much prefer to sleep on the floor, I just find it really comfortable but I get the worst back pains in the morning, it's worth it though.

"No, we'd rather sleep with you! Pleaseee~," they both said as they insisted on sleeping on the floor with me.

"I mean, if you guys want to sleep with me on the floor the go ahead," I said laughing. They both got so excited, I have no idea why, the bed is more comfortable for most people but they're not like most people, that's why I love them.

The Next Day...


I heard the sound of a air horn which startled me awake as I got up from the bed I made on the floor.

"TIME TO GET UP SLEEPY HEAD!" Yonghee screamed into my ear.

I groaned in annoyance and went back into the warmth of the bundle of blankets, it's so cold, why're they making me get up and why're they so hyper? It's like 9 in the morning...

"Guys, what going on?" I said with my croaky morning voice, God I sounded like Darth Vadre's long lost daughter. I blocked my eyes from the bright sunlight which came shouting through the glass panes in the bedroom. My eyes adjusted to the sunlight as I saw Haneul rummaging through my closet, it looks as if she trying to form some sort of an outfit, she was also getting my limited supply of makeup (as I'm not very fond of caking myself up) and she was also getting out her own (she always comes prepared).

"What do you mean 'what's going on?', you have a BLIND DATE today! So we said we'd have you covered and so we do." She said with her bright, adorable smile. That's why they were doing all of this, great.

"Urgh, just leave me be for a little while, I'm really tired~" I whinged, it's not like it would make a difference anyway, they were never going to take no for an answer.

Yonghee dragged me with ease out of the blankets as I instantly felt the morning breeze giving me goosebumps.

"Aww, is Y/N getting goosebumps because she's nervous~? She said to me as she could feel the goosebumps on the forearm.

"N-NO IT'S JUST THAT-," I said stumbling because my teeth shatter when I'm cold so I couldn't speak properly, it just made me seem like I was more nervous than she thought which in actuality I was because this is my first ever date and I have no idea what to expect, and it's a FREAKING BLIND DATE! It could be some creepy person that is secretly like a pedo or he could be- I swear I worry too much, I need to stop having so much anxiety and just chill.

"Shhh it's okay Y/N, we understand," she said as she had her index finger on my lips, not allowing me to speak. She then grabbed my shoulders from behind me and guided me towards the bathroom in my room and then she shoved me inside and said, "BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND HAVE A SHOWER WHILST ME AND HANEUL GET THE STUFF READY FOR YOUR DATE!"

I sighed as I brushed my teeth and got into the shower and started singing notes from this song called 'Through The Night' by IU, I loved it so much I just had to sing it.

As I continued to sing and wash myself, someone started banging on the door, it was Haneul.

"CAN YOU SHUT UP PLEASE YOU CANNOT SING OKAY?" She said as she seemed to be very annoyed.

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION HANEUL, I DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!" I said as I continued to sing off-key, I know I can't sing but I still do it anyways because I just love it.

I heard her sigh angrily as she continued with whatever she was doing. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself and my hair and stepped out of the bathroom only to be seated in front of my vanity with Haneul and Yonghee on either side of me.

"WOAH, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" I said as I was shook at how much just happened in that second.

"WE'RE GOING TO GET YOU READY OF COURSE! Now, we're going to put makeup on you but we won't make you look like a birthday cake so don't worry, also we want you to close your eyes because I want to see your reaction to it." She said as she started to get ready to make me up.

"You better not, you know how much I hate all of that shit people put on but end up looking like IT," I said.

"When have we ever let you down?" Yonghee said

"Well...", but before I could say anything Haneul said, " AH AH AH! You can't speak from now, just close your eyes and let us work our magic," she said with a mischievous smile, I trust these two so I guess here goes nothing...

I sat there with my eyes closed as I could feel different products being glided onto my face, I couldn't wait to see what they'd done to me, partially because I wanted to see how it turned up and partially because I'm terrified about how I look right now.

After about 30 minutes or so (which was the longest 30 minutes of my entire life), they finally said together, "OKAY, OPEN YOUR EYES!"

"Alright...", I slowly opened them and couldn't believe that I was the person in the mirror, I looked gorgeous and there was no doubt about it. My mouth was wide open as I analysed all the different things on my face that brought out all my best features, how they do it will always be a mystery to me.

"G-guys, I can't thank you enough, I look amazing and it's all thanks to you, I love you guys so much," I said as I started to get a little emotional, I've just always had problems with my appearance and for once in my life, I felt irresistible.

"Aww, Y/N stop it or you're going to make us teary-eyed," said Haneul as I got up and hugged them with so much strength to show how thankful I am for them.

"O-okay Y/N, that's too tight," said Yonghee as she and Haneul were finding it hard to breath.

I laughed and wiped the tear out of my eye because I didn't want to ruin their hard work. Yonghee then said "Okay, we have an outfit prepared for you in your closet, we know you'll love it! We'll be waiting downstairs for you!"

They were just about to leave when I said "OH, can you tell my dad that I won't be able to make it to the floristry today because I have plans please?" I asked.

Oh no, I told Jimin I was going to meet him at the floristry today, oh well, I have a shift tomorrow I'll make it up to him then.

"Alright, that's fine!" They both said in sync, okay that's getting kind of creepy but who cares? Us three are all secretly creepy.

They left the room and closed the door behind them as I walked to the closet, awaiting the magical outfit which my girls had prepared for me.

I slid open my closet door to come face-to-face with a beautiful yet simple outfit which, I think, will really compliment me.

I put it all on and put my phone and my lip balm into my purse as I opened my bedroom door and walked downstairs. As I was walking down, I could see Haneul and Yonghee squealing in joy and they were both praising themselves for 'doing such a good job'. My dad saw me and had a slight smile on his face. I walked up to him and said, "dad, don't worry, I know how to defend myself so there's nothing to worry about!"

He lightly chuckled and held my head with his hands and gave a kiss my forehead and said, "I'm not worried because of that, it's just you've grown so much, your mum would've been so proud," he said as a teardrop fell from his eye.

I was on the verge of crying but I didn't want to ruin my makeup.

"Thank you dad, that means so much to me," I said as I headed for the door but was stopped by my brother Jungkook as he said, "Oh, you look nice, where are you going like that?" He asked, I swear he can act so brain dead sometimes I think if he even has one.

"On that blind date that you're making me go on, remember?" I said as I shook his head.

"AISHH, yes I do remember thank you very much!" He said with an evil glare, it makes me laugh how he tries to look scary.

"He told you to meet him at this restaurant called 'Solace Dining'," Jungkook said

Wow, I heard the food there is really pricy, this guy must have a lot of money on him then...

"What, you decide to tell me now?" I said as I rolled my eyes. "Oh be quite, who helped you get ready because obviously you didn't do that on your-" before he could finish his sentence I kicked him in the shin making him grab it and yelp in pain.

"It was Haneul and Yonghee and they offered thank you very much!" I said as I quickly went to hug my girls and said thank you for what they did and ran out that door before Jungkook could start wresting me.

I drove the car to the restaurant which was apparently 10 minutes away but that felt like an hour, maybe because I'm so nervous, just breath Y/N, it'll be fine...

I eventually reached the restaurant and parked my car into their parking lot. Wow, the outside of this place is impressive, the walls had intricate designs on it which looked amazing and very detailed.

I went inside and was greeted by a middle aged man who looked like he worked there and then politely asked me

"Hello Miss and welcome to Solace Dining, do you have any reservations?"

"No, I'm actually here on a blind date," I said and the man said "oh we know who you are waiting for, if you will just follow me," he said with a smile on his face.

"Okay then," I followed behind him as he led me to this section of the restaurant which looked reserved

This is it Y/N, DON'T SCREW THIS UP.

I couldn't see my blind date properly as the worker was stood in front of me and I'm quite short so I couldn't see much.

When the worker moved to the side, I couldn't believe that I'm seeing this person right in front of me...


CLIFFHANGER! 😂 Who do you think it is? I'm really sorry HalalHafsah I know you were looking forward to it but I PROMISE IT'LL BE NEXT CHAPTER! Thank you so much for reading and as always comment on anything you liked and vote if you enjoyed it. I send you all my good wished my beauties!

-Love S.S ❤️

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