Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


6. -5-

We arrived home to see my dad was making lunch for us. My dad loved to try western food and so always was experimenting with different foods, it always tasted amazing.

I could smell the strong aromas which filled the entire kitchen, it smelt of....

SPAGHETTI! Sorry no ones getting dinner tonight except me, spaghetti is like the food I would choose to eat for the rest of my life, it's that good and when my dad cooks it it's even better, I don't know what I'll do when I leave and have my own life, I'll just try to learn from him, even though I can't even boil water properly.

"Hey Dad, I'm back! I brought Haneul and Yonghee over is that okay?" I said to him.

He showed his bright smile as I said their names, my dad adores these two because he knows that they've been there for me when I got bullied and my dad couldn't do anything about it and so they would handle it. My dad is always so grateful for them to be in my life and so am I.

"Hi Y/N! And of course they can, you girls are always welcome!"

"Thank you Mr. Lee!" They both said in sync with one of their 'angelic smiles'.

"Oh dad can you come here for a second I got you something from town!" I said.

"Okay I'll be there is a moment!" He said, I was so excited to give him his present, I love giving to other people because I love to see their reaction because I know they'll love it.

I hid the Gucci bag behind my back even though it was blatantly obvious that there was something behind me.

"Ooo, what's that behind your back Y/N?" He asked as I slowly approached him.

I showed him the Gucci bag and his mouth formed a perfect 'O' shape.

"Y/N, what is this?" He asked in shock.

"I got you a gift just as an apology for the way I acted the other day, it was wrong of me to raise my voice with you so I got you a gift, also I really think you need them," I said smiling.

He came and hugged me as tight as he could, leaving me looking like a fish out of water.

"What have I done to deserve you Y/N?" This made my heart soft and warm, I think I should be asking that question to him instead of him asking it to me.

"AWWWW!" Haneul and Yonghee shouted as they saw the precious moment which me and my dad had shared.

My dad let go of me as I gasped for air and continued on to say, "Who wants some spaghetti??"

"MEEEE!" We all screamed as we were starving.

Jungkook had just come back from work, literally ignored everyone and just eyed the food as he hastily walked into the dining room, sat down and plated his own food, before any of us have started, what a freaking pig.

"None of us have even started yet and you're already eating?" You questioned him with a face that read, 'you're fat as hell, you know that?'

"I HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING SINCE THIS MORNING SO STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK YEAH?!" He said as he had a mouthful of spaghetti in his mouth. We all rolled our eyes as Haneul slightly giggled.

When me, Haneul and Yonghee finished, we went upstairs to my room so that we could start our sleepover.

We all loved this band called SEVENTEEN so we put their music on as loud as we could on my Bluetooth speaker, even though it was nearly 11:00PM, I know, we're crazy but we get that a lot.

"Can we watch a rom-come please??" Haneul said with a puppy face so that she could bribe us into watching it. I wasn't about to fall for it. "Nope, nu uh," I said straight away. "Lets watch a horror instead!" I said excitedly. I'm not really like most girls, I'll enjoy things that many girls wouldn't, I guess it's because I spend everyday with my Dad and Jungkook. My mum was like that too, she'd be interested in things that the stereotypical girl wouldn't be, I'm glad that I'm not, being unique is always better than being basic.

"No, you know how sensitive I am towards horror movies," she stood up dramatically and pointed towards the ceiling, she is too extra sometimes. "I will go darting to Jungko- , I-I mean out that front door if I get too scared!" She said coyly, as she tried to dodge the fact that she was just about to say Jungkook's I've realised that Haneul's liked my brother from a very long time ago but I've never said anything about it, I actually really want to make it happen, today at lunch he was glancing over at her, stealing glances of her perfect complexion, as her pearly white teeth stood out underneath the light provided by the window. She really was someone that caught everyone's eye, so many boys in high school asked her out but she always would reject them in the nicest way possible, she haven't even had her first crush, boyfriend or anything like that, she always told me and Yonghee that she's waiting for 'the one', she's a firm believer of 'love at first sight' which is why she's so stuck in that mindset. I don't believe in that but I just never had any feelings towards anyone during high school, I never really had time since I was always busy with my mom and her disease...

"Oh whatever Haneul, we're watching it and you can hug Chimmy (my stuffed animal) whilst you watch it, is that okay? Or you could go to the room opposite me if you really are that scared..." I said as I tried to contain my laughter before she explodes.

"Y/N! HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT?" She said as she became a cherry tomato because she was blushing so much. Yonghee was laughing so much because she also noticed the relationship between Jungkook and Haneul.

Haneul sat on the bean bag all sulky so I apologised (not really meaning it) so that she would come to watch the movie with us. She couldn't hold grudges so she almost instantly returned to her bubbly personality.

We went downstairs to the living room and we decided to watch the Purge trilogy, my favourite. I made some microwave popcorn as we all gathered blankets and sat on the floor, closely cuddling each other for comfort. We began watching and just by watching the fist scene, Haneul had already let out a little shriek.

Jungkook was coming down the stairs, I think to get some juice, and heard Haneul shriek and asked with concern in his voice, "are you okay Haneul?"

"I-I-I'm fine Jungkook," she say becoming a little shy.

"Is there anything I can do to help you?" He said only directing the question towards Haneul, rude.

"No, I'm okay Jungkook, really," she said with a smile on her face, he gave one back to her as he then said "okay then, but don't think twice to call me if you need me for anything." He got whatever he needed from the kitchen as he took a look at Haneul and walked up the stairs.

"Can we not talk about what just happened and just focus on the movie, jebal?" She said as her eyes were focused solely on the T.V but I think her brains' attention was on something completely different. Me and Yonghee pressed our lips tightly together as we also took our focus back on the T.V, I NEED to do something to kindle this relationship.

As we were halfway through the movie, I decided to tell my girls about the blind date I have tomorrow because of that deal I made with my brother, I kind of regret making that deal but at least I got some really nice hoodies out of it.

"Uhh, you guys, I need to tell you something..." I said as Yonghee went to pause the movie.

"What is it?" They asked curiously. "I kind of have a blind date tomorrow..." I said as I muffled my voice because I was

embarrassed because this is my first ever date, and I have no idea who it's with.

"WHAT?!?, AND YOU DIDN'T THINK TO TELL US SOONER?!", they got up and started to silently scream as my brother and dad were asleep.

I told them about how I actually got the date in the first place, and how I did NOT want to go on it because I don't know who on EARTH the person was, my brother was really reluctant on telling me because he said 'then it wouldn't be a blind date', he really ticks me off sometimes.

"Come on, you have to give the guy a chance at least," Yonghee said, trying to compromise with me.

"Yeah and you never know, he could be really sweet and could be your dream guy..." as if, my dream guy doesn't even know I exists.

"I don't know guys, I'm really anxious-", Haneul shushed me with her finger as she and Yonghee said, "Don't worry, we'll have you covered."


Thank you for reading my lovelies! I'm really sorry this took longer than my other chapters, I was really procrastinating on this chapter but I made it a little longer than usual so you're welcome. Until next time, keep healthy and well!

-From S.S ❤️

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