Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


4. -3-

My eyes were met by the bright sun rays, I loved the feeling of morning sunlight, the way it just provides a source of warm and serenity, I live for it. I jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror at my appearance and just shuttered at how badly my sleep affects my appearance because I look like I just jumped out of a horror movie, like that girl from Annabelle, God I gave myself the creeps. I went into the bathroom, had a shower and brushed my teeth. I picked a casual yet comfy outfit that perfectly fit the weather today which was sunny but breezy at the same time, my favourite.

I was going out with my two best friends, Yonghee and Haneul as we agreed last week that we'd go shopping together, and I needed to buy my dad the shoes as an apology for what I did yesterday. I ran down the stairs to see my dad cooking a storm, literally I couldn't see one blank space on the dining table. Jungkook came soon after me and eyed the food with hungry eyes as he licked his lips, ew.

"Dad, what's all of this?" I questioned because my dad never usually makes THIS much breakfast for us in the morning.

"Oh Y/N, I wanted to apologise for the way I reacted yesterday, I shouldn't have approached you so harshly, I regret saying the things I did and I realised that I can't keep treating you like you're my little girl as you've matured into a amazing young lady and I should treat you like one. I made a huge breakfast to compensate for it so eat as much as your heart desires!" He said with a bright smile on his face that was genuine and showed that he actually did care about the way I want to live.

"Dad... thank you for understanding it from my point of view and I really appreciate all of this," I said as I grasped him into a tight hug full of love and gratefulness.

"You didn't have to make so much food th-" I looked at the table and Jungkook had nearly finished everything and I mean EVERYTHING from the platter that my dad had layered out for ME and not for his fat ass.

"JUNGKOOK-AH!! WHY DID YOU EAT ALL OF IT, IT WAS MEANT TO BE FOR Y/N!!" My dad yelled at him for eating all of his fine creations which he had poured so much time and effort into.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't have dinner yesterday because I was so worn out at work," he said with slight guilt but satisfaction in his stupid voice, is this like payback for taking those hoodies, I GOT THOSE FAIR AND SQUARE!

"Yeah, worn out on making stupid bets on things that you suck at..." I mumbled to him and he gave me a glare and I gave him an icy one back, he needs to up his game because he doesn't look the slightest bit threatening.

"I'm sorry Y/N, here, you take 20,000¥ and get something to eat from the new café in town, I heard they do amazing breakfast," my dad said so that Jungkook could hear and feel jealous, serves him right. I chuckled slightly and gave my dad another warm embrace as I grabbed my backpack and phone. I was about to leave when I heard my dad forcing Jungkook to kneel down and raise his hands, as if he was surrendering. It was a punishment used for children in Korea and seeing my 21-year-old brother doing it left me in a fit of laughter, I had to capture this moment forever so I brought my phone out and started recording him.


He tried to get up and snatch the phone off me but my dad stopped him from getting up, he was being treated like a puppy and I couldn't get enough of how hilarious this truly was. I'm never going to let this go.

I arrived in the café and it was bustling with people trying to see how this new café is and I was very excited as well to see what kinds of food they had in it. I stood in the queue for a while before I became my turn to order and I decided to go for an English Breakfast as everyone just talks about how good they are and I wanted to see myself if they were really as good as people make them out to be. I took a seat on one of those tables meant for two people but I seated by myself and tucked into the breakfast which, not to mention, looked heavenly delicious. I took a bite of the different foods on the plate.

"Mmmmmm this tastes amazing~" I said to myself as I quickly chewed so that I could take another bite of it."

"Well, if this isn't fate then I don't know what is," I heard an awfully familiar voice say as they seated themselves in the the chair opposite me. I looked up from my breakfast and nearly choked on my food, it was that mysterious, hot guy from the floristry...

I took a huge gulp of of my water and stared in disbelief that I was seeing him again, not that I didn't want to but twice in a row? Wow... this may well be fate...

"Are you okay?" He said with concern in his voice, I nodded as I continued to drink the water, he laughed slightly and took a sip of the coffee in his hands. He looked so laid back as he had more casual clothing on compared to last time I saw him, like just a simple pair of denim ripped jeans and a white t-shirt, I could smell the overpowering fumes of his cologne, which by the way smells nothing that would be enough for my bank account to pay, and I think it had spread around the entire café, I actually love men's cologne it's much better than women's that's for sure, which is why I usually take my brothers', oops.

"Miss Lee? Hello?" He said as he clicked his fingers in front of my face which took me out of my session of getting lost in the jungle that is my brain.

"Oh, s-sorry about that, I was just thinking about something important I need to do when I go shopping today..."

"Ahh, okay," he said, as he smiled with his eyes, which is something he did which I never noticed before and it's just so adorable and lovable, I won't say it though or I'll probably hurt his pride.

"Anyway, how has your morning gone Miss Lee?" He asked me as I continued to eat the breakfast and he took another sip of his coffee.

"Amazingly actually, my brother got told off for eating all the breakfast this morning and it was the funniest thing I'd seen in a very long time, he deserves it for being so fat," I said to him as he laughed at my story.

"Do you want to see the video I took?" I asked him because I like embarrassing my brother and this is too hysterical to not show anyone.

"Sure," I showed him the video and his eyes widened for some reason, like he had seen my brother before. I don't know why that happened but I just brushed it off since it wasn't that big of a deal.

"That's hilarious, you're one evil thing Miss Lee," he said smirking. We continued to talk, even after he'd finished his coffee and I'd finished my breakfast. It was just so easy to talk to him because he wouldn't make the conversation awkward which is one thing I can't deal with. We were actually really polar opposite which was such a surprise because usually you don't get along with people that are much more different than you but we actually got along really well and as they say, opposites attract.

I didn't realise the time and then said "OH SHIT! Oh s-sorry about my language but I was meant to meet my girls an hour ago!"

"Oh really? I was having such a nice time with you, do you really have to leave so soon?" He said with a hint of sadness in his voice, I felt kind of bad but I needed to go shopping for my dad's shoes, if I didn't have to get them I would've carried on for the whole day with him but, oh well.

"I'm sorry but I'll talk to you if we ever meet again, OR, just come by the floristry tomorrow because my shift is then."

"I'll certainly come then," he said with a smile on his face.

I was about to leave the café when I almost forgot that I don't even know his name yet.

"WAIT WHAT'S YOUR NAME? YOU NEVER TOLD ME BEFORE!" All the employees looked at me as if I was a crazy baboon but I didn't care about people's opinion of me.

"It's Jimin, Park Jimin."

"Okay, thank you, see you tomorrow!" I said with a very eccentric wave and he gave me a equally weird one back.

I darted out the café and headed down the street, my girls are going to kill me...


Thank you so much for reading my chapter. What did you think of the main character and Jimin's first actual meeting together? Also when the book starts to develop, I might not update so frequently because I want to keep you guys anticipating for a new chapter because I'm evil. Until next time my beauties, I send you all my good wishes.

-Love S.S ❤️

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