Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


2. -1-

"Thank You for coming to our shop, hope to see you again soon!", I said as another customer leaves. I took a deep breath within the blooming spring flowers as they radiate underneath the morning sunshine. I enjoyed helping my dad in his floristry even though at first I was not very keen on working there but I  had to help him since he was running short on employees and I didn't want to let my dad down as he was so passionate towards this business, it made him gleam with joy whenever he was in here, I didn't want him to lose anymore of that happiness.

It has been me and my brother Jungkook with my dad for as long as I could remember. 

My brother is three years older than me, also helps at the floristry whenever he can as he also works in a huge company as one of their administrators and had a lot to handle so I try to be here as often as I can as I also have to attend university.

I'm taking a major in Art as it is what I'm most dedicated towards. I get it from my mom as she too had a burning desire to let her creativity be shown in the form of realistic paintings which she would pour her heart and soul into.

My mum had suffered from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which ran in her side of the family. She died from it as she had been trying to fight it for 10 years but it had effected her to the point where her fight was over. I miss her everyday, the way her presence alone would light up any room, the way she would act as a source of comfort for me whenever something was worrying me. A tear slipped my eyes as I remembered all the pain and sorrow I had to endure with her loss. It was worse for my dad though, she was his first love and he cared for her so much, it was evident that he would undergo anything for her but there was nothing he could do when she was diagnosed with the disease. He even asked the doctors if he could donate his own lungs for her but they were not matching in blood groups so it was not possible. He was crumbled by her death and was left weak for a very long time, me and my brother tried our best to help him recover from it but he was reluctant. Eventually, he picked himself up and didn't let it sadden him anymore as he knew that this isn't how his wife would've wanted for him to be like, eye knew she would've wanted him to be strong, for their children's sake.

I sighed and went towards the door as it was close to closing time when I saw a man sprinting towards the shop in a suit which is not something you see often. He approach the glass door. He had beams of sweat running down his forehead as he tried his best to regain his normal pace of breathing. I stared at him in confusion as he continued to breath heavily through his nose. He stopped doing so and signalled to me if he could come in but I shook my head and pointed at the sign on the door which read 'CLOSED' and was about to walk away when he suddenly shouted 'Hey! I really need to get a bouquet of flowers for my mum, it's her birthday and I haven't had time to get her anything, I can't go empty handed." He pouted with his hands in a pleading manner. "Fine but quickly because it's past closing time," I said and unlocked the door. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He leaned in for a hug but then shyly backed away and roamed around the shop looking at the wide variety of flowers that the shop had to provide. "The shop has such a beautiful selection, I'm finding it hard to choose," he said, I appreciated his compliment by saying "thank you very much and I can help you choose for her if you'd like?" I asked. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and he said with a smile that was to die for by the way and said "Yes, that would be amazing!"

I picked out a range of flowers from carnations, primroses, lilies, daisies etc. and wrapped them in some patterned parchment paper tying a nice pink bow around it. "Damn, you have some serious talent." He stood there looking in awe as I laughed at his words and went behind the counter with the bouquet in my hands and he stood on the opposite side. "That'll be 10,000¥ please," I asked politely as he rummaged into his pocket looking for his wallet and whilst he was looking for his money he asked me "what's your name, out of curiosity?"

"My name is Lee Y/N, may I ask what yours is too?"

"I don't want to tell you just yet, Miss Lee, I'll tell you when I feel as though I want to."

"Whatever, I wasn't that curious anyways," I said rolling my eyes as he smirked with that devilishly handsome face of his that looked so- what am I thinking, I just met the guy, I don't even know his name and I'm already having strange thoughts about him...

I snapped out of my trance when he called my name several times. "Sorry I was just daydreaming about something" I said sheepishly. "It's fine honestly, and take this," he handed me 2 10,000¥ notes and then said " take the extra 10,000¥ as a thank you for helping me with the flowers" he smiled again, showing his perfectly opaque white teeth. "Thank you" I smiled widely at his kindness which I appreciated very much. I escorted him to the door and helped open it for him.

"Thank you for helping me today, I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here" he said.

I felt as though a million butterflies were fluttering uncontrollably in me and them said, "you're welcome and if you ever need help with flowers again just come to our shop."

"Don't worry Miss Lee, I will," he said as his lips went into a smirk yet again, why does he keep doing that?

he walked out and as he was walking he gave me a wave and I gave him one in response. I grabbed my belongings from the back of the shop and headed out the shop door and made sure to lock it. I hurried on home since I was meant to be there half an hour ago.

I was out of breath when I finally reached my house and unlocked the front door revealing my father with a stern look on his face. Uh oh...


Wow I've actually written 1097 words...I don't know if that's a lot but I'm proud of myself for it since this is my first actual chapter. I hope you enjoyed it because I'm trying to bring a new plot to this story, something that isn't cliché and has a different kind of theme to it. I'll try but we'll see if it turns out good but I don't really have an hope in myself but, like I said, I'll try my absolute hardest! I'll update as soon as I can but we shall see if I do decide to...

-Love from S.S ❤️

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