Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


1. Copyright Statement + Author's Note

Copyright © 2017 by Sharmin.S

All rights reserved

This story is fictional. Any resemblance made relating to the living, dead, any organisation or anything in particular is completely coincidental.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed without the prior permission of the author.

This was made just in case someone does decide to commit plagiarism with whatever I write.

Anyway, this is the first piece of published writing I have ever done and to be very honest with you, I am nervous beyond words because I have no idea where this story will lead but I have an idea of what I want the story line to be like. If you do enjoy my work, please leave a vote on the chapter and please comment, I'll try to read every single one if I can! As I am part of the ARMY I have read many ff's with the members in it and it inspired me to start my own so I hope you like it (even though I don't think it will be good) 😭 but I'm just going to go for it!

Love, S.S ❤️

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